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Age of Frostfall Guide

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Age of Frostfall is an incredibly game, mixing a number of different strategical gameplay elements in order to create a cracking game. Our Age of Frostfall guide covers all the main elements of the game and is great especially for beginners.

We look at the best plays in tower defense. How best to upgrade your heroes, which heroes are the best, and much more. Check out also our Age of Frostfall cheats and tips and questions and answers for this game.

As well as the beginner tips below and the more in-depth walkthroughs found on these guide pages, let us remind you of a few handy tips that you can follow to succeed in this game.

1. Join an Alliance!

This is a priority to do as soon as possible for the alliance help you will receive in speed ups and also the alliance rewards that you will receive. There are also various other alliance related events and perks, so head out there and find a good alliance which fits in with your playing style.

2. Upgrade

If you are not familiar with these types of games, then you'll need to know that you need to constantly upgrade. You'll need to upgrade your troops, heroes and buildings. Keep looking for things that you can upgrade to squeeze out more power, especially in the beginning stages, this will allow you to level up quicker.

3. Stack the Troops

Keep your barracks as busy as you can by churning out lots of troops - of all different types, as well as more troops, make sure you remember to upgrade them whenever possible.

Upgrading your barracks will allow you to train more troops at a time.

Delve into our Age of Frostfall guide for more great tips and in-depth guides for this game. This guide is still in progress, please bookmark this page and come back in a few days. If there is anything specific you would like covered in out Frostfall guide, please drop us a note in the comments.

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