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Lord's Reign

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Lord's Reign is an important part of the game where you need to complete specific missions to unlock stuff in the game and get free rewards.

You can see the link to Lord's Reign at the bottom of the main game screen.

Missions are divided into common, rare, epic, legendary and mythic difficulty. The harder the mission, generally the better quality the rewards.

Lord's Reign Missions

Lord's Reign Missions

Which level of mission you get given will depend also on your noble rank, so make sure that you level up your nobility for a chance to get higher difficulty missions, with better rewards.

Noble Rank will affect your chances to get higher quality missions in Lord's Reign

Noble Rank will affect your chances to get higher quality missions in Lord's Reign

Another factor which affects the missions is your actual power level. The more power you have the hard the difficulty level of the missions, but you'll also get better rewards!

Missions refresh every 8 hours, so keep checking back and complete the missions you have been given before they are refreshed. Lord's Reign missions is a great way to get a ton of rewards and resources in Age of Frostfall.

The higher your Noble level, the more missions you will be given on each refresh, so work on increasing your noble level for more mission chances.

Complete quests of Chapter 7 to receive the title of the Lord of Dragonsholm.

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