Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

Tips and Hints

Tips and Hints
Ace Fishing: Wild Catch Guide

1. Don’t Overspend on Low Class Gears

Upgrading is easy in this game. Simply pay up some coins and pretty much any gear will be upgraded effortlessly until it reaches level 6 onwards where signs of consecutive upgrade attempts will progressively fail. It costs a bit of fortune to upgrade items but the gap of their power in comparison to the next level of equipment heavily outweighs the need of upgrades for early on equipments. Reserve those coins for another day.

2. Bank Those Bosses

Boss fishes on every area will pretty much be easier to reel in especially that your equipments improve over the course of the game. Go back in these early areas and take those bosses in their rightful place – your aquarium. Grow these “investment” fishes and farm them a few days later to earn a hefty sum of gold.

3. Reserve the “Unrepairables” for Occasions

Much stronger equipments are randomly given over mailbox or quests. Reserve these much stronger equipments for daily tournaments that automatically enlist you depending in the level range you are in. Compounded by your Fever mode, expect better results on these tourneys. Afterwards, just sell it for additional cash.

4. Cash or Lure

Most low ranking fishes will pretty much benefit you more when crafted to become lures than selling for cash. These lures in return will fetch you better and much rewarding catches later on.

5. Follow Quests Early on

Quests early on the game will easily fetch you a ton of gold and cash. Reserve these rewards as equipments will also be rewarded to you separately early in-game. Tackle on them to speed your way through the levels and earn money along the way.

6. Tilt Effect

Tilting your mobile device before throwing the line will show a nifty effect of the rod responding to your pertaining action/angle on the device. It doesn’t do anything in terms of performance but nevertheless a pretty little detail included in the game.

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