Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

Get Reeled-in into Ace Fishing!

Get Reeled-in into Ace Fishing!

Ace Fishing: Paradise Blue / Wild Catch reels-in as a new catch in the mobile platform – angling sports simulation type of game. Developed and published by Com2Us, the game sets its direction as a bright new addition to the casual games genre in general, tweaked to provide an exhilarating sense of enjoyment to this rather plain and simple type of game.

If angling is not your thing, you just might feel like a fish out of water. But considering the quality of production you get from games coming from the developers themselves, a few seconds into the game is all it takes to get you pretty hooked up and end up wondering just how it got you reeled-in in the first place.

Ace Fishing: Paradise Blue / Wild Catch simulates all the fun aspects of angling sports. The pertaining methods, rods, lines and gears, lures, tips and tricks of the trade, and even the element of competition of the real-life sports heavily influence the over-all mechanics of the game.

Review of Ace Fishing: Wild Catch on
Review of Ace Fishing: Wild Catch on

The game is introduced by a guide named Rachel. She will promptly instruct you with all the basic in-game controls (which is generally button tap, hold, swipe and release). At this point, there will be an introduction of the parts and indicators of the interface, and then followed by a live tutorial on how to throw the line, how to reel it back in, and the underlying limits of a catch. As you go through several quests thrown to you by Rachel, a flick on your line will catch a bystander’s (Steve) attention who offers to teach you another trick or two (special move and yanking tutorial). Later on, as the shop is introduced, a few required fetch quests over the shop will give you a head start when it comes to the upgrading aspect of the game.

The goal of the game is to catch a fish, set a record, earn money, upgrade your set of equipments, and then catch a bigger fish again. The variety of fishes to reel in, range of equipments you can get, the locations and tournaments to conquer, and fish tanks to fill offer a lot of fun things to do in the game that does not get tiring. Several quests are also thrown in every new location to fetch additional cash for upgrades. Equipments in-game rival that of real life in terms of the range in quality, material strength, length (of line), varieties of lures, as well as their respective inclining prices as you move forward with those gears that essentially “perform”.

Several additional fun factors like crafting, putting a catch in an aquarium, reeling ocean treasures, gear upgrading and charm imbuing are implemented to promote entertainment, interest and of course, that extra dose of challenge. After a successful catch, the option of crafting will convert your catch mostly into different sorts of lures that you can use later on. On the other hand, the choice of setting aside your catch for your personal aquarium will grant you two things: a pretty entertaining sight for a collection and a banked investment (as the fish grows in the aquarium, its price concurrently grows as well). Treasures in the form of treasure chest keys and pearls will oftentimes get hooked in your line. Both of which are pretty much the bonuses in the game as they are good money makers. Upgrading your gears will also give you a better fighting chance against those much larger and rare preys as well as imbuing those lucky charms like pearls in them.

Currency in the game is in the form of gold coins and cash notes. Mainly used to purchase and upgrade equipments to help boost your overall fishing skill. As gold coins are the main reward in the game, they are much easier to earn in-game compared to cash notes. Both currencies are easily prompted over the in-app-purchases shop for those willing to drop some real cash.

Review of Ace Fishing: Wild Catch on
Review of Ace Fishing: Wild Catch on

As a free-to-play game, it also implements a familiar movement penalty system. In the game, whenever you perform a throw (of the line), a penalty of 1 energy point will be deducted from your energy gauge. A total of 15 energy points can be deducted from your energy gauge and each deducted point sums to a corresponding amount of time for it to restored.

The graphics is probably the most stimulating aspect of the game as it is comprised of rich 3D environment (especially taking note of the water), smooth and realistic animations, vibrant colors, and detailed effects from the splashes of water. The aesthetics are simply delivered at its finest.

To wrap it up, Ace Fishing: Paradise Blue / Wild Catch yet again steps up the game in the casual gaming genre. The simple mechanics, top notch visuals, vast content and addictive game-play widely sets it apart among similar games out there. For those indulging for a laid-back game with all sorts of positive surprises, Ace Fishing then has a lot to offer that gamers would surely enjoy.

4.5 / 5.0
review by Private (Steph) | Mar 6th 2015

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Review by GuestJul 8th 2015

Wow!!! So far so good, I love this game.

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