1849 Guide

1849 Guide


A game that falls neatly into the city-building genre, what 1849 has going for it, in addition to being a touch-playable mobile game, is a rather simplified economy and the tightly-knit bond between the economic actions of play and the social results in terms of both citizens and the quality of the same.

Literally every building, object, and business that you place has some level of effect or consequences in the game - just what those levels are can be difficult to determine - or it is very obvious. Or both. But hey, that is part of the fun that is this game!

1849 Guide

Despite the fact that the game wizards made a significant attempt at a tutorial mode, there are some basic points that you will need to remember that you won't get from the game in a clear fashion - the first of which being that you MUST build roads to connect the businesses - you cannot simply stick a building out in a field and expect it to function.

Another element that you have to bear in mind is that all of the residents of your town are not cut from the same bolt of cloth. Some will like a rough-and-tumble informal government while others will insist upon a refined and peaceful city. The trick is finding a balance.

This Walkthrough and Guide will help you to hit the ground running and obtain a much better measure of entertainment and value from the game - and not just because it helps to clarify play mechanics and shows you hints, tricks, and strategies for play. It also fills in the details that help to obtain a better understanding of how the many elements interlink and support each other as you play.

The game features two game play modes - Story and Sandbox. The Story mode presents a set of challenges for the player to surmount and beat, while Sandbox Mode is all about creative play and building the best town you can while exploring how the different industry and resource-producing structures contribute to the game mechanics.


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