Advanced Strategy

Advanced Strategy
1849 Guide


Once you have a hand on the basics it is time to start paying finer attention to the sort of detailed information you can obtain simply by paying closer attention to the game and what it tells you.

Advanced Strategy

In-Game Advisers

As you play the game you will see, every so often, messages appear in the top left corner of the screen, with one tab offering information from your financial adviser, and another from your population adviser.

These advisers offer very useful information, revealing action-points that are among the more significant elements in terms of impacting the game results and play path.

The financial adviser helps keep track of income, expenses, and net economics, while the advice it offers can point you in the right (not to say best) direction.

The population adviser communicates the number of people who make up your population, and the number of jobs on offer - having a direct relationship with the unemployment levels.

Paying attention to the information that the advisers provide gives a head's up and a chance to head-off real trouble before it becomes an issue.

Advanced Strategy

Optional Challenges

As you play every so often the game will offer you an optional challenge, which will pop up, requiring you to do a specific action.

That can range from sending specific resources or finished goods, to seeing to a visiting dignitary.

While the challenges can be difficult, and can even require you to spend serious money to complete (particularly the ones that require you to add a building or structure you don't have that is not part of the main goals for your city, the rewards you receive are usually worth the effort of completing them.

Profits are a Key Point

You have probably heard the old saw that the path to wealth is to buy low, and sell high, right? Well that happens to be true in the game...

Trading in the game is an integral means for achieving success. In fact not trading can easily cause your game to take three to four times as long to play and can often result in failure, because trading is often the only way to obtain the funds you need to progress.

Advanced Strategy

While the process can initially be rather expensive as you first begin to open trade routes, once you have them open, and you have the business types that support them, the profits can be very nice indeed.

This is one of those long-term investments that can make or break your game play - but having said that some industry is better than others. You will find that there are great profits to be had in selling gold, silver, and pickaxes to other towns.

While gold and silver are a bit simpler to manage, while the process of manufacturing picks is more complicated - and means you will need to put in more effort, it the fact that it gives you an extra industry with which to employ residents is a significant bonus.

Ultimately your goal should be to manage your town economy to achieve the goal of avoiding overspending while still investing enough to develop reliable income streams.

Advanced Strategy

The Economics of 1849

Among the tasks that you are responsible for are creating employment and industry, as well as the process of creating related businesses to create a basic resource, turn that resource into a finished product or resource, and then get that into the circle of life as it were.

Employment and Unemployment

Considering how essential a labor force is to the economic development of the game the need to both create jobs and manage the unemployment in your town should be easy to understand.

The population adviser does an adequate job of keeping track of unemployment rates, and helps draw your attention to any acute issues, letting you know when trouble starts, and when you need to act.

On the side of caution, keeping the rates in check is a good idea because when the unemployment rate reaches 100% your town will begin to feel serious effects. Not just in losing residents, but also increases in crime.

While it is possible to directly counter the effects of the crime rate by building a Sheriff Office or a County Jail, you are far better off simply taking corrective actions to make sure that the unemployment rate never reaches 100% in the first place.

That said, while you might think that having a low unemployment rate is the ideal, in fact having some unemployment can actually be a good thing for several reasons - the first being that a group of unemployed labor means that when you do add a new industry to your town, there is a ready workforce waiting to take those jobs.

Having some unemployed can effect crime rates, but keeping it in check also allows you to keep crime in check.

Advanced Strategy

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