Story Mode

Story Mode
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While the creative play found in the Sandbox Mode is ideal for helping to lower the learning curve as it provides the opportunity to experience the wide range of industries and businesses available in the game, it is the Story Mode that is the primary game play mechanism for most players.

Story Mode is a simple progression of play, starting with a small town with relatively easy goals, and then with each new town in the string the goals increase in complexity and difficulty as you play.

Story Mode

With that in mind it is actually a good idea to play the first few levels in Story Mode, and then change to Sandbox Mode and begin to experiment with town building, since the latter mode does not include the negative consequences of failing goals, and lacks the basic pressure of the former mode.

What the Story Mode offers you in 1849 is a reasonably long campaign consisting of different sets of buildings and resources in each of twenty scenarios you will play through.

The challenges found here dramatically alter from town to town, and so require the player to learn and create multiple strategies, offering subtle differences in goal and execution that really makes the game and keeps play fresh and entertaining.


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