Sandbox Mode Items Catalog

Sandbox Mode Items Catalog
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One of the more interesting aspects of Sandbox Mode is the wide availability of objects in the game store menu. Considering that Sandbox Mode is intended to be the creative play mode for the game that is not all that surprising really - and a typical game will start out with access to the following:

Buildings Tab

The buildings have the most significant impact on town development - the trick is to add each at the right time.

Church (Cost = $300)

Higher-level residences require a church.

County Jail (Cost = $500)

Drastically reduces crime rate.

Fire Brigade (Cost = $300)

Volunteer Fire Brigade reduces fire-hazard.

New House Lot (Cost = $0)

Marks the spot where a new residential house should be built.

Saloon (Cost = $300)

Relieves boredom, and grows the town, but also increases crime.

School (Cost = $300)

Higher-level residences require a school.

Sheriff (Cost = $300)

The sheriff catches bad guys and reduces crime rates, but not by much.

Misc. Items Tab

In addition to buildings you can also add misc items, some of which do have effects on your town.

Hitching Post (Cost = $0)

Every western town needs a hitching post, preferably in front of the saloon.

Road (Cost = $0)

Roads connect various buildings in your town. Workplaces need a road connection to function.

Skull (Cost = $0)

An unexpected memento mori.

Street Lamp (Cost = $0)

Illuminates the streets at night.

Wagon Wheel (Cost = $0)

Remnants of an unknown settler's wagon.

Water Trough (Cost = $0)

Water trough for horses and livestock.

Resources and Finished Goods Businesses Tab

While you will build the resource businesses to obtain raw materials and provide jobs, you will also need to build the businesses that take those raw resources and turn them into finished goods and consumable resources.

Bakery (Cost = $300)

Sourdough anyone? Bakeries make bread from wheat.

Barley Farm (Cost = $500)

This farm produces barley. Breweries turn barley into beer.

Brewery (Cost = $800)

Makes beer from barley.

Cannery (Cost = $1500)

Makes canned meat from salt and meat.

Cotton Farm (Cost = $500)

This farm produces cotton. Cotton is spun and woven into fabric at textile mills.

Distillery (Cost = $1000)

Makes whiskey from wheat or brandy from fruit.

Fish Cannery (Cost = $1500)

Makes canned meat from salt and fish.

Hunting Camp (Cost = $300)

Produces meats and hides.

Olive Farm (Cost = $500)

This farm produces olives that can be pressed into valuable oil.

Olive Press (Cost = $500)

Liquid gold. This building presses oils from olives.

Orchard (Cost = $500)

Produces fresh fruit to distill into luscious brandy.

Vineyard (Cost = $700)

Produces grapes for famous California wines.

Wheat Farm (Cost = $400)

This farm produces wheat for bread. And whiskey.

Winemaker (Cost = $750)

Makes wine from grapes.

Resources Buildings Tab

In addition to the resource producing businesses that employ citizens and help to support the circle of life, there are also the commercial resources required to build trade and your town.

Gold Mine (Cost = $1000)

Gold! Mines gold when placed over a gold deposit.

Iron Mine (Cost = $1000)

Mines iron ore when placed over an iron deposit.

Logging Camp (Cost = $950)

Produces lumber for all kinds of uses.

Panning Station (Cost = $300)

Pans gold from the river. Must be placed over river tiles with gold.

Salt Pan (Cost = $300)

Produces salt for canning.

Stone Quarry (Cost = $500)

Produces stone for houses and industry.

Industry Tab

The businesses that take a lot of the resources and turn them into money! Oh, and jobs too...

Blacksmith (Cost = $1000)

Makes pickaxes for mines from iron.

Carpenter (Cost = $1000)

Makes fine furniture from wooden boards.

Cobbler (Cost = $1000)

Makes shoes out of hides.

News Office (Cost = $2000)

Prints a newspaper given enough paper.

Paper Mill (Cost = $1000)

Makes paper from lumber.

Sawmill (Cost = $750)

Makes wooden boards from lumber.

Smelter (Cost = $950)

Makes iron from iron ore.

Stonemason (Cost = $750)

Makes stone bricks from stone.

Tailor (Cost = $1000)

Makes fine clothing given fabric.

Textile Mill (Cost = $1000)

Makes fabric form cotton.


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