Dark Fear

Cadenza: The Kiss of Death - A Mystery Hidden Object Game (Full)

Version: 1.0.0 | 9+

Hotel Lafayette and the Final Showdown

In this part of the walkthrough, it will all be text since so many spoilers are going to get revealed when there are images included. So we would do this in bullet form, absolutely devoid of spoilers.

- Enter the hotel
- Talk to the person behind the counter
- Take the scalpel, take the precision tool
- Take the axe head
- Take the platter
- Take the bolt
- Enter the demolished hotel room

- Fit the head to the handle to form an axe
- Open the tool box with the axe to play a mini-game
- Get the screwdriver
- Unscrew the luggage cart and use this as a bridge across the balcony to the next hotel room

- Place the bolt in the electric box and call the hotel lobby
- Go back to the hotel lobby and get the keys
- Go to the maintenance room and dress like a maid
- Get out of the hotel and open the cardoor with your precision tool
- Play a mini-game

- Buy some hotdogs across the street and place the item you earned in playing the mini-game in the car into the hotdog
- Go back inside the hotel and to the second floor
- Let the guard eat the hotdog

- Complete the puzzle that will reveal all the plot twists
- Fight it out, and survive!

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