Wild West: New Frontier

Wild West: New Frontier Cheats and Tips

Wild West: New Frontier

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Wild West: New Frontier Cheats and Tips

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We have Questions from other AppGamers that maybe you can help answer, or you can ask your own to get any help you need with Wild West: New Frontier. For more help with the game have a look through the game guides for walkthroughs or specific tips for the game. And of course you can leave a review for the game to let other players know how good it is to play.


Wild West: New Frontier Walkthrough

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Stage Coach Races
What are the stage-coach races? The stage coach races are events that let you co-operate with other members of your neighbourhood to claim rewards. ..
Tips, Cheats and Strategies
This game is loads of fin to play and thankfully isn't spoiled by too many ads as so many games are nowadays. We've come up with a few tips to help ..
Getting Coins
Coins are what you will need throughout the game to construct new buildings, buy livestock and decorations etc... So you will need an efficient way ..
Neighbourhood House
The Neighborhood House becomes unlocked at Level 11. With the Neighborhood House you can work with others to complete certain goals and grow more ..
Native Trapper Challenge
This is the first main challenge in the game. Once you reach level 7 or 8 a teepee will appear at your farm along with a Native Indian that will ..

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Wild West: New Frontier FAQs

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How do I rotate view for PC?

I may be a little late answering but hoping this will help others too as there seems to be a lack of answers to a lot of questions on this game. I was very frustrated not knowing for the first week. **You click and hold your right mouse button and move it gently left or right. Moving the mouse at up and down will change the zoom only slightly. ... + 1 More Answers

I want to play it with 2 different accounts. Is it possible? May I know how to switch account only from one device?

Go to the setting and log out/into Facebook depending on where you started out.... remember you have to start from scratch again:)

How do you get horseshoes on Wild West New Frontier?

You earn horseshoes from completing the special orders from the order board. It will show a horseshoe icon on the order ... + 1 More Answers

How do I get the fox animal on the game?

At the beginning of the game, there is a teepee with a Native American. Complete the tasks he gives you, and you will get the fox.

What is the best way to find blank forms?

Blank forms, stamps, pegs, brackets, etc. Can all be aquired in the following ways: * found randomly while harvesting crops * prizes in the stagecoach race * purchased from other players Blank forms are one of the rarer items in the game, so expect to have some challenges in accumulating enough to do anything practical

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Wild West: New Frontier Reviews

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It's ok at first but as you level up the production and animal time goes up as well why can't you just leave the times alone and keep them the same for each level co annoying.

1.6 / 5.0

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