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Stage Coach Races

Stage Coach Races
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What are the stage-coach races?

The stage coach races are events that let you co-operate with other members of your neighbourhood to claim rewards. You need to join a neighbourhood before you can participate.

Next to the neighbourhood house, there is a stage-coach, and a pedestal for awards. Tap on the pedestal to see when the next race is due to start and the current one will end.

How to take part in a race?

To make sure you are participating in the race events go to the neighbourhood house and find the list of participants. Make sure there is a tick next to your name, or untick it if you don't want to take part.

The rules of the race

Races start every Sunday and last for 5 days.
Once the race starts, you will be able to pick a task from the list and work on it. You cannot take the next task until you have completed (or failed) the previous one.
The neighborhood’s place in the race is determined by the amount of points earned by all of its members.
Neighborhoods that finish in the first three places are awarded gold, silver and bronze trophies.

What tasks do you need to complete as part of the stage-coach races?

There are a range of task to be done such as:

  • complete orders from the board

  • send out trains

  • feed animals

  • gather plants

  • help other farmers

  • harvest produce from plots and trees

  • gather goods produced by animals

  • make goods in the production buildings

Can neighbourhood members help each other complete the tasks?

Most tasks are designed to be completed on your own, but you still can get help from your neighbours, the newspaper, and Mary. If, for example, you do not have enough seeds to plant, you can purchase more from an ad in the newspaper, or from neighbours’ markets. Or if you have selected a task involving sending out trains, you can ask neighbours to help you fill them.

Stage-coach race journal

The stage stage-coach race journal is there to let you know the number of taska dna points earned by yourself and your neighbourhood members. You can use it to see if any other players have tasks that you can help with.
To view the journal, open the chat window and select the tab with the image of a notebook on it.
You can also find additional information in your own personal journal. To open this, press on the pedestal with the flags next to the neighbourhood house.

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