Wild West: New Frontier

Getting Started

Getting Started
Wild West: New Frontier Guide

The game pretty much holds your hand up until Level 4. Showing you how to plant crops, build buildings, buy livestock, feed the cows etc...

And then the game continues from there. You will want to look around to see what other buildings you can make for the level you are on each time you increase a level to see what new things can be made, and also if you have the chance to increase the level of any buildings.

Check out the order board, near the horse and wagon for the orders for produce that you have available to you and see what can be made. Sooner or later you may find items which you have never seen before, for example the Corn Fritter. If you tap and hold down it will tell you how it is made, in this case via the Summer Kitchen building. So you will need to construct the Summer Kitchen to make the Corn Fritters.

You can find the Summer Kitchen by tapping the store icon then the top tab which deals with 'production' you then tap and hold and drag the building into the play area wherever you want it. You can only build one of these at the beginning stages of the game.

Then, as with other items, you tap the Summer Kitchen (once construction has been completed) and you can then drag the corn fritters into either of the empty slots to begin making them.

TIP: you will need corn to make the corn fritters, so make sure you have some growing in your plots ready to harvest. to avoid using Westbucks to make the corn fritters.

And so the game continues, you feed the cows, grow your crops, unlock new buildings, upgrade everything and fill your orders! Step by step you'll increase your levels and more things will become unlocked and the game will get harder.

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