Wild Castle TD: Grow Empire Tower Defense

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Wild Castle TD: Grow Empire Tower Defense
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Wild Castle is a popular 3D strategy game from Crunchy Studio with a wide range of build options and strategies to explore. It is not an idle game but it can be player while offline which can be great when away from home.

With over 60 heroes to collect and use and a range of towers and skill to employ you can battle through endless waves of enemies and earn rewards to upgrade your castle.

Getting started in the game can be a little daunting with all the options available so here are our tips for setting up in the game.

Hints and Tips for Wild Castle

At the start of the game you will have 3 heroes ready to defend the castle and some archers. As you play and gain coins you will be able to add towers and more heroes to this as well as upgrade what you have. You will need to add and upgrade these at every opportunity to let you progress to the higher level waves and earn more rewards.

As yo earn coins you will also be able to upgrade the Castle for better defense and the Archers that attack the enemies for you.

Each of the heroes you unlock will have a skill that lets them take on the enemies and a cost for using the skill (Mana). It can be difficult to pick the best as there are so many heroes but as you unlock them it is a good idea to try them out and see how they work against different enemies. Finding a good mix that works for you of the different skills can be useful.

Some skills stun the enemy while others cause damage or even give buffs to your team. A mix can work well as long as you can include good damage from your team overall.

Remember that as well as leveling up heroes you can also Promote them to increase their abilities.

In addition to the heroes you can also unlock and place towers on either side of the battle. Tower spots unlock as you upgrade the castle.

There are also various types of tower with their own strengths. Most of the towers do damage and will be useful in battles. But you will also find the Battle Tent and the Old Tree that when placed will give you extra coins and XP from the battles. As you farm for upgrades these will be useful. Towers are also able to be leveled up and Promoted.

On the right are 4 icons and the bottom one is your talent tree, as you gain XP you will earn talent points to spend here and gain boosts. Spend these carefully although it seems to be a good idea to start with the extra coins and XP to help you progress quickly at the start.

If you have any questions for playing Wild Castle please head to the Answers Page to ask there or drop a review below to let us know if you enjoy the game.
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