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War Alliance: Heroes

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War Alliance Heroes is a 1v1 real time battle game from Magnific Games. The game offers a fun but strategy filled PvP fight arena with your choice of hero and a range of up-gradable battle units to use to try to win.

Matches are made with the many worldwide players. Try to destroy their heroes and units before they get yours. Use the many different card based offensive units to take the fight to them and take them down within the time limit. Currently featuring a seasonal leader board, 7 battle arenas, 9 heroes and a large range of battle units to unlock and choose from.

Hints and Tips

The best way to win any match up is to take out the enemy hero. To do this try to lure their hero towards your side of the arena to let you attack more easily. If they won't do this then concentrate on attacking their fixed turrets. Air attacks work well for this. Destroying 1 will give you a better chance to attack in their area and also will earn you a 1 star win if you do not get any further.

Make sure to open all the loot chests that you can including the free ones you will receive every 3 hours. Every card and upgrade you can gain from them will be important to let you improve your units for the battles.

You will quickly gain a large range of possible unit cards to use in battles, and some you will be able to upgrade more than others but when picking your battle deck make sure to keep a variety of air and ground units at your disposal even if they are not the strongest. Being able to counter both air and ground attacks as well as make your own it very important.

Good defense against incoming attacks is important and having long range attack options such as rockets will also help you make direct attacks on the enemy without being stopped.

As well as opening chests, keep an eye on the Missions list in the Battle tab. Each of the missions that you will be assigned will let you earn gold, gems, cards and more loot chests and some will be very simple to complete. You can complete many missions a day which will help you make even more progress with your fighting force.


If you have any questions for this game please head to the answers page. And if you have any tips for your ultimate battle deck please let us know if the comments below.

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