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Undawn is a vast survival RPG game set in a post apocalyptic world filled with infected hordes of enemies. As a survivor you must scavenge resources, fight off the infected and work with others to establish a camp.

Undawn Walkthrough and Guide

Hints and Tips for Undawn

There is also a lot of building options for your own homestead and PVP play to let you team up and take on other players. If you are new to the game then check out the list of beginner tips and help below.

Follow the story / Complete missions

The start of the game will lead you through an opening story line. This is the best way to discover the main features of the game and get established.

This will lead on to missions to complete. As well as the main missions there will also be the Daily missions. These are an important source of XP to level your character, as well as other rewards.

Join a Camp

Finding an active camp to join will bring in a range of benefits, as well as the option of events to participate in. You will need to be an active member as well to make the most of the camp bonuses. Note that when you first join a camp you will be a temporary member and will need to remain there for several days before you become a full member and can join all activities.

Work on your Roles

The Roles system is a range of skills that you level up, The 4 main gathering professions are Logger, Miner, Gatherer, and Hunter. Of these the more important ones to work on seem to be the Hinter and Gatherer to boost the materiels you get from animals and plants.

Other professions include Chef, Angler and scavenger. There is a limit to the amount of XP you can gain ot level up the professions each day and week.

Get used to Cooking

There are many recipes in the game and many that will give you temporary bonuses such as damage increase or restore health. Some recipes will unlock for you as you level up while other can be learned or acquired. Keep an eye out for the ingredient in the world or in shops.


Participating in events such as Stronghold challenges, Hold the line will bring in useful rewards and also can grant talent points that you can use for skills. Some events are only available when you are a member of a camp.

Be prepared

As with any survival game you should make sure to equip your character with the best gear, weapons and items you can. This includes keeping meds and food/water ready for use if needed and maintaining your weapons. As you level up you will be able to obtain and craft better quality equipment and weapons. You will also need to repair these items as their durability reduces to make sure that remain usable.

Redeem Codes

Make sure to check out the list of Undawn Codes which you can use in game to get extra free items.


If you have any questions about aspects of the game or want more help please go to the Answers Page to ask there.


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