Train Station 2: Rail Tycoon & Strategy Simulator

Train Upgrade and Upgrade Parts

Train Upgrade and Upgrade Parts
Train Station 2: Rail Tycoon & Strategy Simulator Guide

Train Upgrade and Upgrade Parts
You'll have the need to upgrade your trains in the game for a number of reasons. Primarily because it will be more efficient to use an upgraded train with more cargo capacity, because overall, it will be able to transfer goods at a faster pace. However, upgrading trains in the game is not. Since they have different rarities, you’ll need special (harder to find) parts for the rain that have higher quality -- in addition to the common upgrade parts that you use, as well as Gold, which by itself is just as scarce in this game. Without further adieu, here are the things that you need to do to upgrade your trains!

Where to get Upgrade Parts?

Each train in the game is categorized by its rarity. The higher the rarity of a train, the higher the total value of cargo it can haul. Common trains are the easiest to upgrade because you’d most likely have a lot of surplus of their parts, and the only thing that will probably hinder you from upgrading them is the need for more Gold.

Train Upgrade and Upgrade Parts
The easiest way to come up with upgrade parts for each type of train is by dismantling your surplus trains (the duplicate trains that you have) for parts. That goes without saying, since you’ll pretty much draw out a lot of common trains (Blue), it will be easy gathering for common parts. And though it may be quite harder to draw out rarer types of trains (what more for duplicates of them), this is pretty much still the easiest option for you to collect rare parts for the blue, purple, and yellow types of trains.

Train Upgrade and Upgrade Parts
The dismantle option will automatically be available in your train depot if you have any duplicate models in your collection as seen on the image above. However, if you happen to need parts for rare types of trains and do not get much chance at drawing out duplicates, you can also shop for rare parts in the shop which will set you back 50 gems (will not include common parts in the draw). You also have 2 free draws for parts every day, the first one for free, and the second one will require you to watch an in-game ad. After that, you can still draw free parts after watching ads, but only every after 4-hour cooldown.

You may also get the chance at parts by clicking on the “Whistle Blower” on the train station platform which rewards you with random items in the game but it’s a long shot to try and scour for parts through this method.

Why do I Need to Upgrade Rare Trains?

Some contracts in the game will require you or limit you on using a specific class or rarity of trains. If for instance a mission will require you to use only purple trains and require you to do a delivery of 250 units of items that takes an hour to transport each cycle (steel mill contract in Britain), imagine how long that would take, especially if your purple trains are not upgraded.

Train Upgrade and Upgrade Parts
Another reason is upgrade rare types of trains is to increase the amount of Gold that you can collect from your city deliveries. If you are limited to only upgrading common trains, that will mean that the highest amount of Gold you can collect every 4 hours is just 40 Gold, because a common train can only be upgraded up until it reaches a maximum hauling capacity of 20 units. Multiply that figure to 2, and that is the amount that the city will reward you. However, if for instance you have a purple train which can be upgraded to a haul limit of up to 45 units, this means you’ll be able to collect 90 Gold every 4 hours on a fully upgraded train.

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