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Tiny Robots Recharged is a visually stunning, and well made puzzle game where you need to solve various puzzles to go through all the levels. While the game is pretty straight forward to play, we can think of a few good Tiny Robots tips which we hope will come in handy.

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Tiny Robots Cheats and Tips

Look before you Leap
The power use, which is your level timer, does not start until you first tap to view or interact with an area of the scene. You can swipe left and right at the start to check around the whole layout to identify batteries and items that look useful before you start collecting and solving puzzles.

Move everything
Have a good look around at each scene, tap on items to pick them up and swipe other items to move them.

Think logically
You'll need to think logically to solve the basic puzzles and others will come via trial and error. For example if you are stuck on a puzzle and have a hammer, look for something to break!

Save Your Batteries

Replay levels for battery bonus
You can go back and replay completed levels to get more batteries, this is useful if you are running low and need some more hints.
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Great game. Lots of fun Plenty to keep you busy and also quick enough for a quick game play
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