Tiny Robots Recharged

Tiny Robots Recharged Level Guide

Tiny Robots Recharged Guide


Tiny Robots Recharged is a level based puzzle game from Snapbreak. The game is loads of fun, but some of the levels may be a little tricky from some players so we have put together this handy level guide for anyone having trouble.

Tiny Robots Recharged Level Guide

The purpose of the game is to find items, and solve puzzles to reach and unlock a doorway to move on to the next level. In each level you also have a limited amount of time base on the battery power of the robot. You can find batteries in each level to extend your time and also gain extra batteries through watching adverts or by buying them if you need to.

To get the maximum star level in each of the levels of the game you need to complete it quickly. Luckily you can also retry levels once you know what to do to improve your score.

Choose the level you are stuck on from the menu for extensive instructions on what to do and how to move onto the next level.


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