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The Superhero League from Lion Games is another of their physics based simple puzzle games where you are tasked with defeating bad guys and saving hostages. To help you play we have assembled our top list of Superhero League cheats and tips to make your super hero experience more fun.

In the game you will control a range of super powered heroes with a range of abilities to use and will need to find the best way to solve each encounter with the enemies to clear each level.

This is a simple game to play and many of the puzzles are very easy to solve, while a few others may well have you scratching your head. The varying attack skills of each hero does keep it interesting. Below are our list of helpful hints for playing the game and clearing all the levels.

The Superhero League Cheats & Tips
The Superhero League Cheats & Tips

The Superhero League Cheats and Tips

When playing each level you must assess the options and traps given to you. Hostages must be saved and no harm can come to them so avoiding hitting them with anything is important. You can in some cases use them to clear if you can move them gently without damage.

Depending on the hero you are using you will be able to make use of boxes, walls, slopes, holes and other environmental aspects of each level. All of the regular enemies can be taken out with even quite small hits, falls or collisions.

You can replay each level so don't be afraid to experiment. Attack, review and improve if you don't get it quite right first time.

Avoid obvious traps
Avoid obvious traps

Tips for Superhero Abilities

Each hero will be able to affect the environment in different ways so mastering their abilities is the key to competing the game. There are 7 heroes in the game so far, below are some tips for each.

Super Psychic
This hero can pick up items to drop on enemies. But he can also pick up the regular enemies and also throw objects with a swipe.

Throwing can be useful, remember that you can throw hard or gently depending on your swipe speed, you don't always need to be too forceful.

Super Sharp
Aim your psychic blade and slice through enemies to defeat them. Your 'blade' can be aimed and bounced off of walls which will help you get around any obstacles or avoid hostages.

In some cases you may need to make more than one cut quickly to complete a level. Get used to aiming and firing the 'blade' quickly as a delay can mean a failed level.

Aim and bounce your power
Aim and bounce your power

Super Portal
Place portals on the level to move items / enemies from one location to another. You will need to place 2 portals each time to complete the move. Placing only one will not affect anything.

Your portals can be angled to help you. This means that anything that enters and then leaves can be propelled in a particular direction to solve the level.

You can even use the portals to move hostages away from danger or trap them in portal loops to keep them safe.

Super Boom
With Super Boom you can aim and throw explosives to any location. You will need to practice the throwing though to master the physics of it, including the strength of the throw. Bombs that end up off screen will disappear.

You don't always need to throw the bombs as in many cases rolling them (hard or gently) will work. Take advantage of slopes and wall to get your bombs into the perfect spot.

Super Spirit
Draw paths to control your fire spirit attack and target the enemies. The paths that you draw will determine the action of the fireball once released. you can set up many different types of path and clear levels quickly by drawing repeated actions, or zig-zagging back and forth to reach separate targets one after the other. Experiment with the possibilities and then look for the most simple solution to complete the level.

Super Ninja
This hero is similar to Super Sharp above except that they throw a very real Shuriken.

You can aim and bounce the shuriken off of walls and surfaces to help you get to the objective. Practice these levels to understand how the weapon will bounce and get use to the directions. You can then easily plan your throws to hit first time.

Super Brush
With Super Brush you use your artistic talents to defeat the enemies. Draw shapes on the screen and use them as weapons. In general this means dropping your draw items on to the enemies. Remember to make your shapes to avoid injuring any hostages.

The shapes do not need to be complicated and simple lines or dots can often suffice. Larger objects with thick lines and fully filled in will be heavier if weight is needed.

We hope these tips will help you solve and clear all of the levels in The Superhero League. If you have and questions please head over to the Answers Page for more help.

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