Since the sudden, explosive success of Minecraft, a lot of other games popped up to capitalize on the openworld sandbox-style of gaming where the player is plopped down in a world without much of a goal. Terraria is one of the formidable contenders in this genre. And I believe, that it has way more content and technicality than Minecraft. Read on to find out why and take the eventual plunge into this world where you Dig, Fight, Build, & Explore!

Terraria is priced at an incredibly affordable price at around $5 on both Android and iOS. There are also no in-game purchases or microtransactions. No ads as well to clutter your screen. It is a buy once and play title.

Terraria is a game where gameplay truly shines. You are plopped into the middle of the world (quite literally in fact) where you are not told what to do. The closest thing you have to a goal is the NPC you start out with. The Guide (Has a random name).

You may choose to listen to him but you can of course, just wing it and explore a bit. The overworld of Terraria is very expansive and varied and may hold a number of different biomes. Not to mention the underground areas of those biomes and other unique places underground. Although it is much more difficult to traverse compared to the overworld because of course.. solid blocks. It is however, much more bountiful and the deeper you dig, the better the loot. Gear your character up and grab some upgrades to your HP and MP, then take on the bosses. Build a town for your NPCs that is both functional and fancy. Go spelunking and hunt for treasure and even reach the underworld to fight demons. There is a lot of things to do in this game that for $5, you definitely get more than what you pay for.

The graphics in Terraria is a really simple 2D sprite based type. A lot of games use this same type of style but the developers of Terraria has polished this style to a really amazing level. Even if when zoomed in, the pixels don't really take away from the feel of the game. The lighting also fits the theme very well. It may not be realistic in the sense that light can sometimes pass through solid blocks but we can't be too realistic in a world where magic and slime creatures exist right?

The music is astoundingly catchy. Even people who don't play the game and hear it can have it get stuck in their head. The music in the main menu is the same music as the overworld music that plays during the day. Each biome / location has its own music accompanied by a unique background. The sound effects are also really nice. From the sound you make when chipping through ores or digging, to the sound effects used in combat. They are all made really well.

Terraria for its cheap price is a game you get way more than what you pay for. Its vast expansive worlds and tons of items and equipment to collect. Not to mention the fantastic feats of architecture you can do. Make this game a very easy recommendation to anyone that enjoys this kind of sandbox style adventure games.
4.2 / 5.0
review by Private (Steph) | Nov 30th 2015

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