Tap Empire: Idle Clicker

Tap Empire: Idle Clicker Guide

Tap Empire Cheats and Tips

For a brief overview of the game, check out our getting started guide here.

If you already have experience playing the game, then scroll down for our tips to help you make the most money in as little time as possible.

Tap Empire Cheats and Tips

Upgrade Everything As Soon as You Can
Check the score counter at the top of the screen there will be an alert there if you can purchase any upgrades, you really need to get whatever is availavable as soon as you can in order to benefit from the significant boosts and robots that you can purchase there. Once you have completed an area, don't forget to go back to it regularly until you have purchased all of the upgrades there.

Use Boosts
If you have boosts available for free use them. If you get an offer to see an ad, then you could also watch an ad for a free boost.

Double It - Watch an Ad to double money earned while away
This is often a great idea. The ads only last up to 30 seconds usually and you'll get double the amount of coins that you made while you were away.

Complete Achievements
If you tap your coin score you can scroll down the list of things available to purchase and highlighted in gold will be the achievements. Completing these will usually bring major upgrades to your game.

Free Gems
Free Gems

Upgrade your Robots
The target is to always get your robots to running non-stop, by getting the infinite level for them. That way they'll continue to warn money for as long as you are away from the game.

Check back Regularly for Free Gems
When you reach level 6, you'll unlock the magic toolbox, or the toolbox of infinitely ... This is available to be unlocked by tapping on it, once every seven hours, and usually contains gems.

Keep tapping to use the the Piggy Bank Boosts
Although the robots may be running your businesses, you can still constantly tap any businesses for a small coinage gain. This Piggy Bank Boost is pretty useful and a quick way to accumulate a lot cash if you are prepared to tap ... A lot!

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