Tap Empire: Idle Clicker

Tap Empire: Idle Clicker

MeeWow Games Inc.
Version: 1.8.5 | 4+

Tap Empire, by Flaregames, is a new addition to the idle gaming genre.

There are two main modes of play, completing the challenges of each level, or an endless mode.

It's a great game to try out if you are a fan of this genre, or would just like to try something slightl different. You'll find below our take on what you need to do to get the nest out of Tap Empire and smash the game in as little time as possible!

Here's a little bit about the game below, and tap the following link to see our Cheats, Tips and Strategy for Tap Empire.

Getting Started

You start off by tapping an item for your business to make, you're gonna need to keep tapping until more things are unlocked, then you can purchase new businesses, upgrade existing businesses, and purchase robots to help you automate the running of each business.


Unlike a lot of other games of this genre, a robot - or manager - will not keep working on your business, and you will have to re-tap for the robot to keep going. You can increase this time by upgrading your robot workers. You can do this by tapping your score at the top of the screen, and this will show you all the options available to you in terms of upgrades.

Basically you will just want to get whatever is available to you and keep going back regularly to purchase your next upgrades.

There is a timer next to each robot icon which states the current timer status of each robot, either by giving a time or the word infinite.

Once robots are upgraded, they will work for longer between taps - Don't be put off by this, because quite soon into the game there is an option to purchase an unlock for 'Robots Run Forever' and they will work non-stop! you-ll have to purchase the non-stop upgrade for each robot individually.

Tap Empire
Tap Empire


At the bottom of the screen you will see that you have available to you speed boosts and coin boosts. If they are available for free then you can consider using them to help you complete the level more quickly, especially if you will be playing the game for a long time.

Completing a Level

You complete a level you completing all the upgrade goals. So you will need to level up each business the requested number of times in order to make the jump to the next level.

Magic Items

As a reward for completing certain levels or achievements you will sometimes get Magic Itmes. The first you will probably get is the Magic Toolbox. This is an unlockable chest which you get every six hours. You first get this after completing level 5. The first one I opened contained 150 Gems! So well worth trying to reach level 6 as soon as possible!

Boss Battle Kim's Village Level 6

The first boss battle you will face is in level 6. You must complete this level within 24 hours in order to win. If you need to there is an option to extend time but you'll pay a lot of gems for the priviledge. You really shouldn't need to extend time, as you'll probably be able to complete this level in about 10 minutes!

Completing level 6 wins you another 150 gems and unlocks area 2, Sparkleopolis. It also unlocks endless mode in Kim's Village.

New Areas

When you reach a new area you'll need to start over with new businesses that are in demand in that area, this means upgrading them, and their robots from scratch! However you can still earn coins from any previous area that you have completed. So all the businesses from Kim's Village will still be functioning on the same terms as before. Continue to upgrade them to maximize their profits for you.

New areas however means a new coin system, so any money you are making in other areas, are not usually usable in the new areas. It really is like starting over from zero.

Time Warps

When you reach Area 2, time warps become unlocked, this allows you to instantly get the coins as if you were playing for a certain amount of time, depending on the size of the time warp. The game gives you a free 2 day time warp at this point.


Tap your money score at the top of the screen at any time to see what is available to purchase, but also what current achievements that you have to complete. Completing Achievements is a great way to win fantastic bonuses.

Magic TV

Magic TV
Magic TV

This becomes unlocked after level 7, it basically allows you to watch ads in return for boosts on randomly selected shops

Going back to old areas

You can go back to any of the areas that you have completed, by tapping the last level of any area that you want to go to. So for example if I want to go back to Area 1, Kim's Village, I just tap level 6. You get an option sometimes to double the amount of money you have made while you were away by watching a short ad. It's a great and east way to accumulate mega profits super quickly in the game.

Now you know the basics of the game, head over to our cheats and tips page for our best tips for Tap Empire.
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