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There are over 30 characters available in the game so far, and as time progresses we expect to see this number increase, which is why generally, tier lists can become useless quite quickly if websites don't bother to upgrade them.

We've picked the following 5 characters as being the best available in the game so far. If you get one of these bad boys, then you'll want to throw as many upgrades as you can their way and you'll soon be breezing through all of the levels in the main part of the game with no trouble at all.

Sword Master Story Tier List


Cain is the starting character, and everyone gets him. If you don't have any other 5 star characters at the beginning of the game, then focus all your upgrades on Cain and he'll take you through most of the beginning stages until you hopefully unlock some worthy team mates. He is of the warrior class and if you only have this top tier character you'll still be fine for most of the game. Cain excels in combat he is a great leader, all round fighter and damage dealer.

Tier List
Yui is a healer so will keep your team in battle for longer, if you have a chance to get this 5 star top tier hero grab her and throw as many upgrades as you can at her. The longer you can keep her alive in the match, the more she'll be able to help keep the rest of the team alive.

Odin is a mage with some of the strongest spells in the game and easily the best in his class. She can summon thunder that will deal damage equal to 600% of attack 3 times, also stunning the enemy for a short period of time and temporarily increasing your team's attack.

Lilith is another great super powered Mage with buffs to increase attack speed and strength.

Dark Lord
If you can't get Odin, then Dark Lord is another great and super-strong Mage. Take for example her skill, Hellfire which deals damage equal to 2500% of attack for 3 seconds. She also adds 5% to team attack when she included in a party which makes her super valuable.

Other 5 Star Characters

In normal ruby summons you have a 2.5 % chance of obtaining one of these 5 star characters. While not all of them we would class as SS as the list above, they are all certainly S level, and are worthy to develop as part of a team.

Joan of Arc

4 Star Characters

Let's face it having a complete team of 5 star characters early in the game is difficult to achieve, the 4 star characters are also good, even if they are just filling in space as you wait better characters.


If you obtain 3 star characters, you are probably better off just selling their shards as you get them and not putting any efforts into upgrading or using them.

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