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Sword Master Story Cheats, Tips and Strategy

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Sword Master Story is a free to play idle RPG, think of gameplay similar to the likes of AFK Arena or other similar where the aim is to progress through ever increasingly harder levels with your deck of heroes. The game looks and plays really well and is sure to be a hit in this genre, check out below our Sword Master Story cheats, tips and strategy as well as Sword Master Story reroll and character info.

Sword Master Story Cheats, Tips and Strategy

Getting started in Sword Master Story is really easy, after the tutorial you be set to go with the main character in the game, Cain. You should check what upgrades you can make and focus everything on this one character to begin with. There are many different upgrades you can make. Check the main game page to collect everything you can get at this point so you can make the most upgrades to Cain at the start of the game.

After the tutorial and after you have collected everything from the main game page, check out these coupon codes for any that are valid for a ton more rewards and rubies. You may even have enough to take the 11 summon roll.

Summoning Heroes
As with all gacha RPGs you can summon hero's, and it's after these first initial rolls you'll decide if you want to go through the tutorial process again and reroll in Sword Master Story to try to get better quality heroes. The Sword Master Story reroll process is pretty straight forward and it's covered in detail on our Sword Master Story reroll page.

You can find the Summon link from the main game page. The best summon option is the 11 times roll which costs 2700 rubies. If you have a full guarantee gauge, then there is a 100% chance that you will roll a 5 star character or weapon. The other summon options are over on the right, and you can use 4 star or 5 star summon tickets to roll for characters with these options. The game does list the percentage chance of rolling a particular hero or weapon, or star level of hero or weapon, and we summarize them here on our summoning chance stats page. But basically in a normal ruby roll, the chance of obtaining a 5 star hero is 2.5% and the chance to obtain a 5 star weapon is 3%.
11 Summon Rolls
11 Summon Rolls

Check out our Sword Master Story Tier List for our opinion on who are the best characters to focus on in the game.

Leveling up Heroes
Tap the character button from the main game screen to see which characters you currently have available to you. Those that are tagged as arranged are part of your team that go into battle. You want your strongest heroes to be marked as arranged. To get a character into a team you tap the character you want to add then tap organize, then tap in the slot where you want the character in your team.
Level Up
Level Up

With one of your characters selected, look under their picture on the right, surrounding the main image will the the inventory slots, tap one to go to the inventory menu where you can equip many different classes of weapons and items. Alternatively you can try the Auto Equip feature, which is accessed with the plus icon in the bottom right of the screen.
Increasing Level
Increasing Level

Apart from items you can level up using potions that you receive after battle, level up skills which will add to the characters general abilities, level up reinforce which basically means improving his vital stats such as attack, defense, health, critical hit rate and critical hit damage.

While making these level ups, you should also see a coat hanger icon, this will allow you to change your character's costume for some more buffs.

Changing Costumes
Costumes offer buffs to the wearer, these have to be purchased using Rare Soul, which you can get by selling shards or 4 star or higher characters. Different costumes are available to different characters. The following 3 costumes are available to Cain.

Dandy Costume - Gives the wearer +10% extra defense
Avenger Costume - Gives +10% extra attack
First Swordmaster Costume - Transforms your character to a female, and adds 10% to attack

Can I play Sword Master Story on PC?
Yes you can, but you'll need to use an Android emulator to do this. There are a number of emulators you could try such as BlueStacks or [url)https://www.bignox.com]BigNox[/url] , both will allow you to download and play Sword Master Story on your PC?

How can I download Sword Master Story?
Sword Master Story is available to download for free in both the Google Play store for Android users, and in the App Store for iOS users. If you have an Android and cannot or do not want to use the Google Play Store, then there are a number of APK distributors where you can download Sword Master Story for free for your Android device such as APK Pure. Whichever way you decide to get Sword Master Story, please remember to make sure you virus check any file your download.

Where can I get help for the game?
Well you can get support from other players with game related questions on our website, just post your question. We also have a guide with details on coupons, rerolling and tier lists. You can also get help from the Reddit community , and for technical issues, we suggest you talk to the game developer, SuperPlanet.

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