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Sword Master Story Walkthrough and Guide

Sword Master Story Guide

Sword Master Story is a gacha AFK RPG where you play through a storyline unlocking and upgrading heroes in order to progress further into the game.

There are many heroes to collect and each can be equipped with a large assortment of items to increase their in-game power, being an AFK, the game is not complicated to play, but is complicated once you hit a brick wall and find it hard to progress, which is where we hope this guide will become useful.

We'll be taking a look at the best ways to level up your heroes, how to get the best free rewards in the game. How to increase your heroes beyond the 5 star level with transcending, what to do with your excess materials and heroes and much more.
AFk Battle Gameplay
AFk Battle Gameplay

We know many gacha RPG players love to get the best start in the game, which is why we also have all the details on how to reroll in Sword Master Story. Check out also, your list of coupon codes for the game. As long as they are still in-date there is enough to purchase the 11 summon pack for free.

Check out also, our general cheats, tips and strategy for the game here: Sword Master St...strategy and we have some FAQS answered here, where you can also post your own questions about the game.

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