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In Sword Master Story there are a number of coupon codes that can easily be redeemed for rewards in the game. Each code has a limited lifetime so will not be available to use after a certain date. They can also only be used once per game.

To get to the coupon redeem page, click the three lines in the top right of the main game menu screen, then look for the 'Coupon' link, tap that, and enter your code.
Getting to the Coupon Code Screen
Getting to the Coupon Code Screen

Here are the current coupon codes for Sword Master Story that we know of. As time goes by they will become invalid as they will generally only work for a short period of time.

The codes are not case-sensitive, so it doesn't matter if you tap them in as below, in all-caps, or mixed

minotaurs - 300 rubies
goodjob - 500 rubies
thxapple - 300 rubies
ruok - 500 stamina
thenwork - 200 rubies
playhard - 500 stamina
workharder - 200 rubies
herewego - 500 rubies
scary - 500 stamina
midnight - 200 rubies
cheerup - get 200 rubies with this code
server - this code will give you 500 stamina
swordmaster - use this code to get a 4-star character summon and other items
nowtheycome - this code has expired

Entering Coupon Codes
Entering Coupon Codes

Coupon Code Rewards
Coupon Code Rewards

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