Specimen Zero - Multiplayer horror

Specimen Zero - Multiplayer horror

Specimen Zero - Multiplayer horror

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In this horror themed adventure escape game you'll find yourself in incredibly immersive and scary settings where you nee to solve puzzles and follow maps in order to successfully escape. In this Specimen Zero tips page we'll tell you about the things we've learned in the game to help you survive, solve puzzles and escape.

You wake up in an unknown place and the last thing you remember is being kidnapped. But something has happened in that strange place, something out of the ordinary ... something dangerous. You must discover the way to escape. Because here, you will only find death.

Specimen Zero Cheats, Tips and Strategy

Ghost Mode
Try an easier difficulty level to learn the layout of the map
Try an easier difficulty level to learn the layout of the map

If you are having trouble with the game, then practice in Ghost Mode, this mode means that enemies can neither detect nor kill you, and it will then give you a great idea of the layout of the map you are playing so you can come back at try it in one of the other modes.

Get a Flashlight
Get a Torch to Discover things in Dark Corners
Get a Torch to Discover things in Dark Corners

On every level you play you'll need a source of light to make things a lot easier for you to find your way around the level. So first thing you'll need to do is to get a flashlight. Look in drawers and cabinets to try to get a flashlight and other objects that may help

They are attracted to noise
The enemies on each level are attracted to noise, so move slowly to avoid making too much noise and attracting them. You can also use coins and other objects which you can throw to distract the enemies.

Move closer to objects to highlight them
Move Closer to Interact with Items
Move Closer to Interact with Items

If you see an object but can't interact with it, then possibly you are too far away. Move closer so it will become highlighted and then yo0u can grab it for your bag.

Use The Timer To Create Noise
The Timer is a Good Way to Create Noise
The Timer is a Good Way to Create Noise

If you want to lure the zombies into a trap, you can use the timer to set a trap. Set the timer and throw it close by, then hide. When the timer goes off, if there are any zombies close by they will be attracted to the sound of the time, then you can use your darts to incapacitate them. Don't forget to pick up the timer to use it again later.

Conserve Your Ammo
There is a very limited supply of ammo for your gun in Specimen Zero, so use your bullets wisely, if you can escape without firing a shot, then that's great, bullets should be used as a last resort really. Another reason to not use bullets so often is that the noise from the gun will attract more monsters, which could cause you even more problems.

Search Everything
Don't miss out on essential items for your bag, search through everything in each room to bag the best loot to help you escape the level.

Turn up the volume so you can hear everything in the game, or use a good set of headphones, you'll want as much notice as possible when the enemies are coming, and also to be aware of the sounds you are making yourself. It also adds to the immersive experience of this horror game!

Play Through Multiple Times
The first time completing a level can be difficult, and usually the best way to learn is to lower the difficulty level until you can remember where everything is and the layout of the map, then give yourself a challenge by trying again on the higher difficulty levels. The highest difficulty level really does get your heart racing and is super difficult to complete.

If there is something specific that you need help with in this game, head to your Specimen Zero answers page to post your question and maybe also help out other gamer's that are stuck.

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