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In specimen zero the survival horror game the goal is to escape from the mysterious facility that you find yourself trapped in. To make your escape you will need to carefully explore the rooms and corridors of the building.

The are you can access is set out over 3 floors and each one has a large number of rooms and corridors. In are you will find cabinets, cupboards, desks, and cages with the potential for items to be hidden in them. Or they can also be easily seen on floors or on the desks for example.

You will be able to find a range of items, from weapons and throwable items to help you get past the monsters to important tools such as keys. There are also bandages that you can use as you find them if you are injured from any sort of attack.

The weapons include a shotgun and a dart gun. The second will only incapacitate the monster for a short time but it is much safer to use as it does not make a sound that will attract more enemies to you. Use this to let you get past a difficult enemy and search an area safely. Remember to collect the darts whenever you find them.

Important items include keys and keycards that you will need as many doors are locked and the rooms beyond them will often contain further items that you need for your escape.

Escape options

There is more than one way to make your escape and the one you choose will depend on the items you find as you explore.

The first option is the large double doors that are barred and have a key pad on the top floor near where you first spawn. To open these doors you will need to find a crowbar and 6 scraps of paper that contain numbers from the code. Each scrap will be in a different location.

Escape Route in Specimen Zero
Escape Route in Specimen Zero

A second option is an elevator that you will find on the lowest floor behind some locked doors. If you can access this you will need to restore power to it so that you can open and escape. For this you need to find a fuse, a cable roll and a screwdriver.

Escape route in Specimen Zedro
Escape route in Specimen Zedro

We hope this guide helps you to find your way safely out of the Specimen Zero facility. If you have any questions for playing this game please check out the Answers Page to ask there.

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