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Version: 1.6.1 | Users Interact, In-Game Purchase

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Smash Legends by Line Games is a real time brawler with a number of different game modes including dominion where you have to capture an area and hold on to it, team deathmatch, duel and more. The developers have kindle added some coupon codes that you can try to redeem in the game from a free reward, we've got these latest coupon codes for Smash Legends and some game tips below.
Smash Legends Codes and Tips
Smash Legends Codes and Tips

Smash Legends Coupon Codes

There have been a few codes released for Smash Legends already, over time they will expire and no longer be redeemable, so check them out as soon as you can for the free in-game reward.

To redeem Smash Legends codes, tap the hamburger three lines from the main game screen in the top right, and select settings, now tap the account button and copy your account number. You'll need this later.
Smash Legends Coupon Codes
Smash Legends Coupon Codes

Next click on others, and then coupon, this will bring up the Smash Legends code entry screen where you can paste your user ID and the codes that you find for the game below.

LETSSMASHTap to copy
- This code can be redeemed for a reward

Code Entry Screen in Smash Legends
Code Entry Screen in Smash Legends

Expired Smash Legends Codes
A few codes have expired for Smash Legends, these are:


Smash Legends Tips

There are six basic game modes currently available to play in Smash Legends, we'll take a look at each one and give you some of the best OP tips to help you succeed in each one!

In this game mode you'll need to maintain control of the dominion square in the center of the map. While you are in control, your team will rack up the points you need to help you take the game. Work as a team to maintain control and try to team up to take on each of the enemies as they try to break into the dominion square.

Battle Royale
This is super faced paced, and means you'll have to be the last player standing in order to win. We recommend that you choose Red as your character in this mode because of her speed and high damage dealing ability. Red is great at avoiding enemies as well as being able to catch other players and smashing them out of the arena.

Crown Guard
In Crown Guard mode you have to defend your own crown while smashing the player of the other team that has the crown. It's a really tough game mode and best played with a team that you can communicate with in order to coordinate your actions better.

Again, Red is a great character to use because of her speed, but also Kaiser is a great tank with loads of hit points. Both are good for the crown for different reasons.

In Duel mode you 1v1 with another player. Some characters are better against others, but there is no single one character that can dominate this game mode. Whether you win or not in duel can be down to having a character which is more suited to the battle against a certain other character.

However saying that, you'll probably end up having a favorite duel character and over time will learn the best ways to make the most of them in duel mode.

Team Deathmatch
You'll need to be paired with a great team in order to dominate this game mode, it's super tough and as well as the other players, there are other hazards around the level which you'll need to avoid too. Check out Peter in this game mode for this ultimate attack. Kaiser's tank ability is also useful as part of a team in Deathmatch.
Peter is Useful with his Big Sword!
Peter is Useful with his Big Sword!

In this game mode you need to gather the most fruit but also you'll need to be aware of the other team and make sure that they can't gather as much fruit. Again, we like Red in this mode because of her speed, but the Witch Queen is really interesting too because of here special ability to turn enemy players into frogs that can't collect fruit!
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