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The Basics

The Basics
SimCity BuildIt Guide

The Basics
There are three main "resources" in this game. They are Simoleons (the official currency of all SimCity titles, includign all the other Sim games including The Sims), SimCash, and golden keys. Simeoleons are earned through taxes and trading resources. This can also be bought using SimCash. Simcash is real money you deposited in game to purchase things or exchange for a hefty amount of Simoleons. Simcash can also be earned by completing achievements. Golden keys are not purchasable and can only be earned by completing shipment objectives and disaster challenges.

There are no zones in this game, because, as you remember in our review, this game does not play like your usual SimCity game. The buildings from Commercial and Industrial zones do produce items. The Residential zones require whatever items are produced in both Commercial and Industrial zones in order for the former to upgrade.

Taxes are not implemented as mandatory, instead, residents pay taxes depending on how happy they are with your governance! Wish we have this system of taxation in real life!

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