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1. Happy Sims are Best Sims

In order for your city to keep on progressing, you must make sure the residents are happy. When residents are happy, they grow in numbers because of the desirabilty of the city. More people will also mean more money, but not necessarily. Happiness will net you more money. So a lot of happy people is equal to a lot of income.

2. Location, Location, Location

Just like real estate in real life, SimCity is all about Location, Location, Location. People are most likely to live on areas with high desirability. Meaning, the coverage of Services goes through it, and there are lots of entertainment centers, and good traffic too.

3. Destruction is the new Creation

Do not be afraid to bulldoze your buildings. In fact, the upgrade paths require you to outright destroy the buildings! Sometimes, it is good to start over than to try to fix around them.

4. Factory Perfect

Always keep a schedule to "harvest" the items produced by your factories. This will save you a lot of time and all you will ever need are produced by factories. Yes, you can trade with other people, but it is better to keep a pace, than to participate in an arms race.

5. Find Real Friends

Trading Posts is where you need to be at. Coerce your friends in playing the game (helps a lot that this game is indeed addictive). Visit their cities daily and go their Trading Posts, as they will also hopefully). The AI vendors are horrible when it comes to pricing, with real people, they might ask for much less, much, much less.


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