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Services are needed in the residential areas to keep up the desirability. Sims become unhappy when you can't provide these services to their standards.

There are four types of services in the game: Utility, Coverage, Specialization, and Government.

Utility Services

Power, Water, Waste management, and Sewage are the four utility services. They are needed to be connected via road, but they do their functions automatically without the need of your intervention.


Power is required immediately.

This is only needed in the residential zones.

Power plants are divided into three:

Solar and Wind (low power / no pollution)

Coal, Nuclear, and Oil (medium to high power / medium to high pollution)

Fusion (very high power / no pullotion AND very expensive)


Water is required immediately.

This is only needed in the residential zones.

Cannot be polluted.


Only becomes a requirement at level 8.

This is only needed in the residential zones.

Generates low pollution in Tier 1 buildings; none at Tier 3

Must be located near the residential zone since it has coverage.

Tip: You can always wait for your resources to stack up before upgrading to Tier 3. Needs are going to swell up once you invite over a need for sewage!

Waste Management

Only becomes a requirement at level 14

Residential zones are the only ones which produces waste.


Coverage Services

Coverage Services are all about the tangential needs of the Sims. These services creates a coverage area, so placement is key for utmost efficiency. Only Residential zones need Coverage Services.


Fire department is the first type of coverage service that the Sims will demand. They need to feel assured that fires will be put down immediately.


Similar with Fire department, but only deals with societal security.


Health is key for happy Sims.

Fire department coverage will be necessary at level 5. Police at level 8. Health at level 16.


Specializations also has coverage areas just like Coverage services. Specializations though has no direct effect on satisfaction ratings what it does is just adding attraction to the areas without being a necessary element for maintenance.

Having two specializations in an area allows more luxurious buildings, meaning, Skyscrapers!


Requires Department of Culture (§80,000)

Landmark buildings are huge and expensive.


Parks increases population up to 100%.

Can be bought with either Simoleons or real money.


Gambling buildings increases population up to 100%.

Requires the Gambling HQ (§70,000)


Increases population up to 100%

Does not affect the traffic.

Requires Department of Transportation (§40,000)


Provide education for your Sims, as well as a maximum population boost of 100% in the coverage area.

Requires Department of Education (§40,000) before unlocking higher tier education buildings

In order to build the upgraded buildings, the basic buildings are needed to be build and should be perpetually present.

University is needed in building the Fusion plant.


Population boost by 100%

Requires Department of Entertainment (§60,000).

Uses huge spaces. Not worth it, use Parks and Gambling instead.

Remember:Population boosts are up to 300% when you combination of Parks, Education, Transportation.Entertainment, Gambling, and Landmarks does not stack on top of each other.This means the coverage for Specialization will boost up to 400%.The buildings only unlock the higher tier buildings. The basic ones are already available right away.

Government Services

The Government services also has the City Storage together with the basic Governmental functions like City Hall, Town Hall, and Mayor's Mansion. Sims do not like them and would bog down the desirability around the area.


Building Cost in Simoleons Use
Town Hall 100 Name / Rename city
City Storage Free Storage for resources and materials. Upgradeable.
City Hall 100 Taxes (remember taxes are based on the happiness, not a constant percentage.)
Mayor's Mansion 100 Achievement and for real money

All of these buildings are unlocked off the bat.

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