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Save the Girl from Lion Studios is an enjoyable puzzle game where you select from different options to try to save the girl from various situations. There are many levels to play. Four levels form an individual story.

On your way through the game there are coins to collect as you complete each level which will allow you to purchase skins for the girl and decorations for the rooms. There are no cheats for Save the Girl, and the tips would be to read our Save the Girl Walkthrough where every level is taken care of.
Save the Girl Game

Can I play Save the Girl on PC?
yes you can with an Android emulator. The best option is to try Bluestacks or [url=]Big Nox[/]. Then with your emulator installed, go to your Google Play account (using your emulator) and download Save the Girl. You should now be able to play Save to Girl on your PC.

How to Download Save the Girl?
Save the Girl is available to download on iPhone and Android. You can then play the game freely on your mobile devices. You can also play Save the Girl on PC as explained in the section above.

What can I spend my coins on?
As you play through the game you will collect coins, you can use these to purchase skins and room decorations. Sometimes you are given the option to watch an ad for extra coins.

New Skins
As you play through the game you will get opportunities to unlock new skins for the girl without using coins, you'll have to watch a video ad though. Other skins and Girl customisations you can pay for with coins.
Unlock New Skins in Save the Girl

Room Customisations
As well as new skins for the girl, you can also customise the room she is on. Some room decorations are free after watching a video ad, and some you can purchase with the coins you have earned in the game.

Head over to our Save the Girl Walkthrough for a complete level guide.
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