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Save the Girl is a decision making puzzle game from Lion Studios. In the game you are faced with a decision on which item to pick in order to pass to the next scene or level. Our Save the Girl Walkthrough helps you those decisions so you can get through the game without making mistakes.

It's not always the obvious choices that are the correct one. Our Save the Girl Level Guide takes you through the levels in the game.

Level 1
Level 1 starts off really simple, just tap the scissors to cut the rope and the girl will be saved!

Level 2
Tap the Axe icon and you'll break the door and save the girl!

Level 3
Tap the bucket which has cement in it to fill the hole and allow the girl to get out of the room.

Level 4
You've passed the super easy levels, now the game steps up a gear and you have to complete a few steps for each scene. For level 4, first of all select the cardboard box to creep past the kidnapper, then select the cape to complete the level.
Save the Girl Level 4
Save the Girl Level 4

Level 5
Select the armchair to block the door, now tap the torch. Then you'll see the dog,and the right choice is the meat on the bone to get past level 5.

Level 6
The girl may be on a cruise, but it's all gone wrong... Tap the towel first, next you'll need the torch and given the choice between the stairs and the jet-pack, while it seems fun to choose, the jet-pack will not complete this level, use the stairs, even if it is the boring choice.

Level 7
Your gonna need the tent first of all, however the hammer will give you the option to watch a video ad and complete this bit - but why bother, tap the tent and pass this section without watching another ad. Next tap the trident to get some ocean fresh food, next comes the shark, and while you think shooting him may be the right answer, what you really need to do is to thrown that meaty bone at it.

Level 8
Use the wooden club first, that will get you a coconut from the tree, the native would like a lollipop from you then go light a fire to try to get the attention of the helicopter.

Level 9
While the electric guitar will work to get you past the first stage of this level, you have to see an ad to use it, instead pick the radio to get rid of the bats. Next choose the full moon then finally you'll have to pretend to be a zombie to complete this level.

Level 10
Believe it or not you'll need to select the bean to defeat the zombies. Looks familiar? Well it's a lot more powerful than it looks. Next select the water pistol and finally the oil can. That will wrap up level 10.

Level 11
Get past the knight using Captain Amercia's Shield, then select the sun which will bring the new day and finally a vacuum cleaner to get rid of that ghost.

Level 12
Select levers, then put your foot in it to get right out of there, then the magical red button will sort out the last zombie.

Level 13
Tap your purse, then throw the banana peel,then use the lever to stop the train and escape this level.

Level 14
Just as things start to get a bit better for the girl she runs into a not so friendly dog, to get past him, choose the telegraph pole so the dog can pee, he'll be a lot happier after that, next choose the curtain, and then finally the hammer.

Level 15
Use the megaphone, then the watch and finally the security detector.

Level 16
The banana skin won't work so well this level, so choose the bra, then the whirly cap and finally the rubber eraser.

Level 17
Select the helmet to pass the first scene of level 17 then the bomb completes the level.

Level 18
Choose those lovel pink welly boots to get past the electrical problem, then turn back time again with the watch, finally plug the leak with the cork.

Level 19
It's that dog again, and this time your'll need the Tiger Mask,then throw the dart and select the weights bar to finish level 19.

Level 20
Select the trash can,that will stop the hydrant from spitting out water,then choose the demolition ball, and next the mouse to scare the girl!

Level 21
Eat the chilli, then use the hammer on that poor old mole,lastly, you'll need the water bucket to get past the hole.

Level 22
Tap on the sun icon, then play dead with the rose, lastly order some take out with the telephone.

Level 23
Use the shovel, then the kettle and then the fishing rod which will get the husky going.

Level 24
First choose the mouse, then the rain cloud, then the camp fire.

Level 25
Choose the hoe to get some water, then muzzle the snake and finally use the spade to evade the tornado.

Level 26
Use the torch to get past the spikes, then the feather. Use the black cat to scare the mummy and then use the spotted red toadstool.

Level 27
Chewing gum is the first pick the the magic bat wand, then the ice.

Level 28
Genie Lamp, then ask for a rain cloud and next the chest will pass this level

Level 29
Honesty is the best policy, so choose the one that most closely resembles the one you dropped, not the one with all the jewels coming out of it! Now choose the vegetables and finally the hammock.

Level 30
The next story starts here as you are sucked into the TV. Pick the rocks, then the old fashioned camera, then the spinach which will make you as strong as Popeye!

Level 31
The potion will help you escape here, then select the leaf skirt and finally you can give your new friend the VR glasses.

Level 32
Choose to run like the Flintstones by selecting the shoes, now select the big meaty bone, then those lovely pink wellies will get you out of trouble again.

Level 33
Your no longer scared of the dog, so you can skip past with your headphones on, then choose the shape to go in the wall and finally Pikachu.

Level 34
Choose the door, then the fire torch and finally hide in the wardrobe to escape the zombie.

Level 35
Use the magic wand to get past the door, then the spray to reveal the password. The correct one is the one starting with the letter Y, the purple one.

Level 36
The garlic will get you past the next zombie, then choose the newspaper and then the pink sunglasses.

Level 37
Use Captain America’s shield, then the battery will get you past the robot, and the explosives will get you out of these scene..

Level 38
Select the fire extinguisher, then the skateboard and finally the night vision goggles.

Level 39
Another electrical problem, you'll need the rubber gloves to get past this one, then the blanket and then the magnet.

Level 40
First of all choose the cement bucket then the red spider and finally, the treadmill.

Level 41
Choose the pink shoes,then the mirror,and finally Captain America's Shield comes in very handy again.

Level 42
The hairy leg will rescue the girl from the ants, then the cannon saves the day and you can get rid of the dog with the magic black hole.

Level 43
Take the red sheet to escape the bull, then select the tree to get some apples, the grasshopper completes level 43.

Level 44
Use the scissors to get that balloon to take off then the bread and the bird will certainly be more interested in it that your balloon, the sand bags will get your through the final part of this puzzle.

Level 45
Feed the Alpaca carrots, then the girl would like some cotton candy, and you can use a muzzle again on the snake.

Level 46
There is another villain to escape from in Level 46, select the luggage, then the balloons and the you'll need some more spinach.

Level 47
That magical broom look like it could be the right choice int he first part of this puzzle, then the rock and finally the magic wand will save the girl.

Level 48
Save the stuck walrus with the soap, then choose the whale to help put out the fire and mouse will complete this level and save the girl.

Level 49
use the fan, cool down with the ice cubes then select the medical mask.

Level 50
Use the boxing gloves, then the mouse and then the fire torch to save the girl.

Level 51
Eat the bean for an unexpected boost, then the whistle will get you past the birds, finally the lightning rod will protect you from the storm.

Level 52
Use the dog to scare away the robber then become a manikin by selecting the manikin stand. Lastly select the wood to make a hole in the floor.

Level 53
Your asleep! That megaphone will wake you up without damaging the plane.Now choose the ejector seat and then the knife to save the girl.

Level 54
Choose the pills to help the person on the floor, then use the vacuum cleaner to clear up the mess, finally put the explosives in the safe to complete level 54.

That completes this story, there are more levels to play,and possibly the developers will continue to add more later. If anyone has any more level solutions for levels we are missing please put them in the comments and we'll add them to the bottom of our Save the Girl Walkthrough.
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