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What does the rarity in cards mean?

What does the rarity in cards mean?
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Rarity in cards define how valuable they are. Usually, the higher the rarity of the card, the more effective it is when put into play. However, the downside of a rarer card is that they are typically harder to upgrade as you'll typically need several copies of that pertaining card to actually upgrade it. Since they do not come around often, it usually is almost impossible to level them up beyond level 3 unless you put a lot of hours in that game -- as even putting a lot of money in the game wouldn't allow you to earn a specific card you want.

What does the rarity in cards mean?
You might also want to know that a Level 9 common card can stack up against a Level 2 Rare card. Meaning, it shells out typically the same HP and Attack. The advantage of common cards is that you can easily request a volume of them in the academy. Given that higher ranking people usually have a surplus of these cards, you'd typically get to collect them easily. When you get bulk crates too, they usually give you a ton of common cards and usually a number of copies of one type - which is great when trying to upgrade a specific common card.

What does the rarity in cards mean?
Epic cards (the highest rarity) however, can't be requested in the academy. Which is why, you'll pretty much consider putting one that has a relatively useful skill in battle rather than expecting it to be beefy against other characters. Nonetheless, below are the 3 types of rarity in cards, and their intended uses.

There are 3 types of rarity in Cards:

1. Normal Cards (gray) - Most common ones to get in the game. However, normal cards are usual comprised of more than one unit of character when summoned. Some like the Baby Death Stalkers even have 15 units when deployed. These are effective as decoy units when trying to distract a character of the opponent that is a heavy damage dealer but attacks a single unit at a time (for instance an Ursa Major). They become all too effective especially when guarding a turret (as the turret will serve as the damage dealer as they temporarily hold off the attack).

2. Rare Cards (orange) - Are a bit harder to come by as they are tagged as Rare Cards. The main difference among normal and rare cards is that rare cards tend to have special abilities that the characters can use in the battlefield. For instance, the Ribbon Blake character can instantly be summoned anywhere in the battlefield -- making it great for attacking towers. Another great Rare Card is Nolan - he isn't particularly strong in terms of HP as he easily dies in the battlefield. However, his skill packs a punch which is great and only needs 1 Aura to actually cast him.

3. Epic Cards (purple) - Rarest Card in the game. It is not even plausible to request them through the academy and are not sold in the shop. You mainly get them from bulk crates, and a very slim chance at the Arena. However, what makes them valuable is their additional battlefield skill.

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