RWBY: Amity Arena

Main Interface

Main Interface
RWBY: Amity Arena Guide

Main Interface
1. Premium Dust- indicates the current number of Premium Dust you have -- the premium currency in the game which can fetch you a number of things like packages of Lien, bulk crates, and even keys.

2. Lien- indicates the number of Lien you have -- the secondary currency that is primarily needed when you try to upgrade/level-up your cards, or purchase the offered limited-time, specific normal character cards in the shop.

3. Player Info - lets you see your current rank, avatar and game name. You can click on it to see in-depth details about your current progress in the game.

4. Trophies - basically shows your strength in the game -- by your number of wins. Additionally, it adds up to the total overall academy points of the current academy you are enlisted in.

5. Keys - indicates the number of crate keys you have -- which are a special kind of currency that enables you to earn crate rewards after a battle. They recharge 1 key at a time every 3 hours. The maximum number of keys you can store is 5.

6. Daily Rewards - a shortcut button showing on-going special rewards calendar that you can claim daily.

7. Link Account - enables you to link your gameplay progress with your online gaming account (e.g. google play account) -- which makes it relatively safe to retrieve progress when you try to change or play on a different device.

8. System Mail - info mails sent by the developer regarding on-going events, updates, and some other important stuff about the game that you need to know. You might want to always check this section for random game gifts and bonuses.

9. Missions - optional tasks set by the game for you to take part in while playing through the battles and trying to earn progress. As you meet the concluding tasks, you are usually rewarded with Premium Dusts. Additonally, it has tiers of achievements - which on the other hand rewards you with Crates.

10. Arena - lets you select the arena you currently are playing at. Different arenas reward you with crates containing a random character card from its specific and limited array of choices.

11. Play for Fun - reserved for new players up to level 6 where they can try to battle with other online players without staking their tropies in the battles.

12. Play for Fame - free for all PvP matches. Although the game's system tries to keep it reasonably fair by matching up equally ranked players. Winner takes a number of trophies from this mode.

13. Shop - section of the game where you can purchase variants of bulk crates for different quntities of premium dust. Specific Character cards are also randomly sold here for Lien. Additionally, you can click the other tab to get Premium Dust through in-app purchase.

14. Cards - lets you check and build you deck of cards. Additionally this is where you perform upgrades/leveling-up of your characters.

15. Lobby - brings you to the game's main hub.

16. Academy - the party/guild section of the game where players can interact and help each other (mainly by posting their card requests and waiting for stronger players to donates them).

17. Event - lets you participate in on-going events.
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