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How Do You Earn Free Premium Dust?
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How Do You Earn Free Premium Dust?

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How Do You Earn Free Premium Dust?

There isn't much to do in the game that allows you to earn a relatively significant amount of Premium Dust (the game's premium currency). However, its not like you'll ever need to grind for them to be able to really have a really good Deck to start with. Nonetheless, if you want to collect free Premium Dust, you can do any of the things listed below:

1. Through System Mail - open your inbox and watch an advertisement video. The stuff that you earn there varies, sometimes it would be a scrap crate, and sometimes Lien or Premium Dust.

2. Missions - different missions have different sets of tasks for you to accomplish - and when you do, they usually reward you with Crates, Lien, and even Premium Dust. The other tab in missions also lays down simple tasks to take part in like; Play Fame Battle 1 time, Level up any card 1 time, etc. Every time you successfully carried out what it requires of you, it will reward you with 5 Premium Dust.

3. Through Daily Rewards - every day you log in the game, it showers you with rewards. On the third log-in day, it will give you 200 Premium Dust.

How Do You Earn Free Premium Dust?

Premium Dust will allow you to purchase extra keys (which acts like the game's unique movement penalty system -- limiting the number crates you earn when winning battles). Additionally, they can also be used to purchase packages of Liens in the shop. Primarily though, what people want them for really is to purchase the Bulk Crates in the Shop. Bulk Crates will give you a ton of Cards -- with a guaranteed pull of rare cards.

Premium Dust Trade Values:

(earn) 1000 Liens = (for) 60 Premium Dust
(earn) 10000 Liens = (for) 500 Premium Dust
(earn) 25000 Liens = (for) 1200 Premium Dust
(earn) 50000 Liens = (for) 2300 Premium Dust
(earn) 100000 Liens = (for) 4500 Premium Dust
(earn) 160000 Liens = (for) 7000 Premium Dust

Keys = 35 Premium Dust (instant refill)

How Do You Earn Free Premium Dust?

Bulk Crate (70 Cards -- 14x Rare / (chance) Epic) = 100 Premium Dust
Superior Crate (50 Cards -- 25x Rare / (chance) Epic) = 250 Premium Dust
Greater Crate (180 Cards -- 36x Rare + 4x Epic) = 1200 Premium Dust

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