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Beginner Tips and Hints

Beginner Tips and Hints
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Check Mission Requirements

The game isn't that generous when it comes to handing out free Premium Dust. However, a free way to obtain them is still there and it isn't that difficult to actually perform the required task to earn them. However, be mindful of the sequence of the tasks as they are not revealed all at the same time. On the image example below, you'll see that the currently active mission (3rd mission) requires you to win FAME battle once. However, unless the mission requirement is revealed, previous achievement of the pertaining task wouldn't count valid (Meaning - even if for instance you have won a fame battle before, prior to the given mission, it wont count as achieving the required task). Make sure to check the requirements before you try to re-do some tasks in the game (like battling and upgrading), as it can save you a lot of time and effort - trying to obtain those free Premium Dusts.

Beginner Tips and Hints

Do not rely heavily on Tank Characters

Tank characters are the ones that can take a number of hits before they die. Their main selling point is their toughness in the battlefield - which is good when you are trying to control a crowd, or as frontline when trying to go for a siege (of turret). However, their downside is that it usually takes a lot of Aura to summon them, and that they generally are not good for dealing actual damage. Putting too much of them in your deck would also increase your average Aura cost -- which is a simplified rate telling you how fast you can put up a fighter in the battlefield. Putting one tank in the deck should suffice, but there is no need for more than two of them.

Beginner Tips and Hints

Pick a Skill and Play-style that you are comfortable with

Given that this is still very much a card game, you'll still see a lot of different play-styles dependent on the build of the deck. If you are having a hard time winning your matches, take the time to watch other people's matches. If you pay attention to the details, you'll soon see play patterns from players, and get an understanding what they are trying to pull off in a battle. Games that have a deck building element like this one have complex RPS mechanics, which makes them look deceivingly simple, but in reality, preparing a concrete strategy (balancing your deck) is very difficult. Some of the most popular picks for skilled characters are Nora - for her skill putting away a target opponent from the battlefield and Ribbon Blake - as she can easily get anywhere in the battlefield, an additional 2 to 3 skilled characters (preferably the lowest aura cost), with 2 to 3 volume cards (multiple units in one summon), and 1 or 2 Tanks.

Join Academy with lots of active High Level Players

The academy is originally the social aspect of the game. However, the best benefit that new players get from it is the fact that can get free specific cards from their co-members. There is a reason why high level players like to send aid as well -- given the fact that they high level players have a massive surplus on common and even rare cards, there isn't much use to it unless they can sell it. Sending aid (sending a card) to academy members reward them with Liens - which is similar to actually selling them.

Beginner Tips and Hints

Ways to Earn Free Premium Dust

There isn't much to do in the game that allows you to earn a relatively significant amount of Premium Dust (the game's premium currency). However, its not like you'll ever need to grind for them to be able to really have a really good deck to start with. Nonetheless, if you want to collect free Premium Dust, you can do any of the things listed below:

Beginner Tips and Hints
1. Through System Mail - open your inbox and watch an advertisement video. The stuff that you earn there varies, sometimes it would be a scrap crate, and sometimes Lien or Premium Dust.

2. Missions - different missions have different sets of tasks for you to accomplish - and when you do, they usually reward you with Crates, Lien, and even Premium Dust. The other tab in missions also lays down simple tasks to take part in like; Play Fame Battle 1 time, Level up any card 1 time, etc. Every time you successfully carried out what it requires of you, it will reward you with 5 Premium Dust.

3. Through Daily Rewards - every day you log in the game, it showers you with rewards. On the third log-in day, it will give you 200 Premium Dust.

Beginner Deck Composition Tips

Beginner Tips and Hints
1. Do not rely heavily on Epic or Rare Cards - although it is tempting to put together a Deck comprised of only Rare and Epic cards, it usually do not fair well in battles. The reason is that cards of higher rarity usually takes more Aura to cast. This is easily countered by placing a number of "Volume Units" (common cards with lots of units like the Baby Death Stalkers). You should also know that a level 9 common card can pretty much handle a level 2 Rare character without any hitch. The good thing is that common cards are usually very easy to get --both from crates or by requesting them to the Academy.

2. Check your average casting cost - when building a Deck, it will tell you your average casting cost. If it says you have 3.5 average aura casting cost, what this means is that it usually takes you 3.5 increase in your aura before you can send out a unit in the BF. If the value decreases, it means you can relatively put out a fighter in a shorter amount of time. If it increases, it means it takes you a bit more time to send out a fighter at a time.

3. Find Good Character Combos - you can always try the synergy of your Deck by picking the "Sparring" option when you are trying to build your deck in the "Cards" tab. Some combination of characters are good for a specific type of play in the game. For instance, a good counter-attack combination of characters include Coco and Ursa Major. What you'll need to do when the opponent sends a barrage of units towards your turret is to summon Ursa Major to hold-off the attack (acts like a tank that takes the damage) and then summon Coco just behind the turret to act as and additional ranged damage dealer. This (without a doubt) will easily obliterate your opponent's cluster of fighters -- which will give you a chance to turn the tides, as your opponent would probably have exhausted his/her aura performing the attack.

4. Upgrade Common Cards - common cards are usually very easy to level up because their cards are not that hard to obtain in the game. Additionally, they usually are very useful when trying to hold off a heavy damage dealer in the battlefield. One more good thing about common cards is that they usually are not that expensive to summon (aura cost) in the battlefield.

5. Check the Character Stats - notice that apart from the difference in their HP, Attack, and Range, different characters also have different movement speeds, and different primary targets. You should find a good balance between forming a combination of turret-attacking units, and units that will generally be responsible for holding off plausible attacks.
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