Royal Revolt 2

Version: 3.9.0 | 9+
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The Conquest Continues In Royal Revolt 2

Tower defense games have been around since early days of mobile gaming, may it be in iOS or Android, an insurmountable number of games of this genre have been developed through the years. A few reasons behind this might be its simple-to-play mechanics, delivers well in game control with respect to the only available user input (touch screen) to perform well in a strategy-based game, and the addictive progression of stages it usually incorporates.

Usually in tower defense games, you are obliged to secure your base/empire by building up your defenses to survive multiple waves of enemies-coming to siege you. Mechanics that were probably popularized by Plants vs. Zombies, Orcs must Die and Kingdom Rush to name a few.

As popular as this genre in mobile devices came out to be, more and more challenges were presented to produce something that is spectacular, innovative, and noteworthy. Simply, a cut above the rest.

Flaregames made use of this engaging mechanics, incorporated all the good stuff tower defense games presented, and took a 180 degree turn of perspective- to put you in the position as the besieger. Hence, delivering an all-new game, employing real-time strategy, that has all the merits of the usual tower defense games, -Royal Revolt. Initially launched in 2013, it easily captivated the interest of a lot of mobile gamers.

Following the success of this title, came out the recent Royal Revolt 2 in 2014. Still putting you in the shoes of the besieger, the game’s theme proves to be a success, spotting its place among the “Most Popular” titles in the market - securing at least a million installs from Google Play alone.

In Royal Revolt 2, the siege continues! Like in the original franchise, the main objective of the game is to conquer various surrounding lands and dominate the whole empire through the employment of your siege lord (king) and his accompanying army, with a bit of haste and strategy along the way of course.

Right at the beginning of the game, players are prompted to a simple siege. This somewhat of a tutorial stage, defines your active role during each and every stronghold siege. You will actively summon your pawns along with you as you progress through the defenses of your target. As you defeat the initial stage, it will focus on what is left of the stronghold. In the story, you will start to build your own empire from the ruins that you have recently ransacked. And in order to grow your empire, you are tasked to siege nearby fortresses/strongholds and loot gold from their treasure safes.

Fortifying your base is just as important as ensuring victories in your siege wars. This includes a number of upgradeable units such as the towers, traps, troops and your gate. With that said, imagine putting yourself in the shoes of the attacker. Rampaging through the defenses of other players will surely provide a hefty bunch of good time playing.

As a free game though, expect a few challenges presented by the limiting factors of the game (which is actually not new to free games). Such is the long wait times on upgrades, massive quantity it takes to upgrade a unit or structure, and a movement penalty system in the means of the kingdom’s food supply-It takes a number of food supply to fuel you army to battle.

Royal Revolt 2, like the original title, presents very appealing visuals in the form of the cute 3-dimensional characters in a colorful fantasy world. Along with silly sound effects, you probably won’t get tired of it while playing. But the neatest part of the sequel in my opinion is the addition of the actual defense build-up in your own backyard and its idea of the multiplayer aspect that the neighboring strongholds you conquer are actually the bases of other players. Basically, to ransack their foothold means looting their actual treasures. This goes without saying, the same case applies to your own fortress. This highlights the game’s unique approach and aspect of a Tower Defense game. Not to mention, a very sleek way to engage competition among players as well.

Altogether, Royal Revolt 2 is a successful sequel to its original title and in itself, a very well presented game. Despite the limiting factors that were probably implemented for the IAPs, it is quite bare minimum compared to what the game can offer (considering its free). If you are a fan of RTS-Tower Defense games, this game might be one for a choice and surely won’t disappoint.

4.0 / 5.0
review by Private | Feb 10th 2015


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Review by GuestNov 10th 2017
Love it been playing for 2 yrs now. Awesome game love the new additions.
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