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Tips and Hints

Tips and Hints
Royal Revolt 2 Guide

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1. Easy Progress

Instead of taking on battles generated by the system, try participating in leader boards. Global Leader Boards will search for players of the same ranking as you are. Try to check each every player’s gold stash and defense layout and pick your best bet.

Tips and Hints

2. Hero’s Health points

Your hero’s health point regenerates when you’re not moving and out of enemy fire range. When in a pinch, take time to ease out, take a step back and recuperate your troops. Plan your attack and learn to manipulate him properly to your advantage.

3. Hero, Troop Timing and Fire Storm

Always charge the battlefield with your hero first. Make sure to clear out the towers that usually obliterate your troop. Fire Storm is a good Spell to unlock. The Spell last for only three seconds, but is especially powerful against clustered towers and defenses.

4. Rock-Papers-Scissors

Troop/Units have their specific strengths and weaknesses. Careful planning of which unit you will employ during battle will definitely make an impact towards the outcome of a siege. Before starting a battle, check your opponent’s lineup of defense and troops and make sure to tag along troops to counter this.

5. Spend Gems wisely

Gems are your main resource that keep things moving. It is mainly used in upgrades, hire a worker and clear up ruins in your land. They are very hard to obtain through the game so never use them for petty things like speeding up an upgrade or for a re-try in the treasure chest chamber of fortune.

6. Treasure Chamber – Chamber of Fortune Exploit

During early game, try not to upgrade your Treasure Chamber. Treasure Chamber Level 2 for example can only stash a maximum of 200K gold coins. Once it is filled, you won’t be able to gain any more gold to keep. In exchange, all treasures found in the Chamber of fortune will turn out to be an item. The harder the stage in the leader board, the more considerably powerful items/equipments it will generate in the treasure chest. Therefore giving your hero advantage in your next conquest.

Tips and Hints
Tips and Hints

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