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Royal Crown is a fantasy themed battle royale game from LINE Games. This is a smaller version of the expanding roster of MOBA style games available, but still offers a range of game modes and characters.


The game offers survival matchups with the option of Solo, Duos or squad as well as custom matches. You can choose from 20 different Champions from 6 different classes. The classes are Warrior / Sniper / Assassin / Support / Mage / Tank. Each character can be improved with equipment, food and other consumables to boost your performance. Craft items in the game such as bombs and more.

Hints and Tips

Daily rewards
Keep an eye on the quests (bottom menu) to claim any rewards you have. Also check the Events icon on the top right for more login rewards and special events. You can claim a useful 1000 gold by joining the Official game discord server.

Collecting & Crafting
The items that you can craft int he game can be a huge boost to your survival chances. Make sure to collect the resources in the game, gather crops from the farms, mine ores, chop down trees and hunt the wild animals. These can let you place traps on the battlefield and make HP potions for your health. Mana potions are very useful to quickly restore your skills for use.

Location, Location
... location. You will need to learn as you go the best places to land in each match. Early on you will especially want to avoid landing near monsters or other risky areas. Try to work your way around at the start to loot chests for items at least until you can craft some useful materials.

Master your Special skills
Each of the characters will have a set of unique skills, including an ultimate skill. the benefits of each will vary and you should try out each characters skill and work out which you prefer and how beet to use them against enemies. This will be even more important when playing with teammates as you should find complimentary skills (and character classes) so that you can help each other out.

The airdrops in Royal Crown as with other battle royale games, offer a great risk reward opportunity. Each drop can let you claim some high tier items which will give you a great advantage but with the risk of running into a lot of opposition as you try to grab it. You need to asses how quickly you can reach the drop and how best you can safely tackle the other hopefuls.

If you have any question about playing Royal Crown please head over to the Answers Page to ask there.
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