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Busy Business Codes Mar 2023


Instant Prep boost, skins and gems are some of the things you can get for free with these Busy Business codes on Roblox.

Instant Prep boost, skins and gems are some of the things you can get for free with these Busy Business codes on Roblox.

Bust Business Codes
Bust Business Codes

Start off by running your lemonade stand in this time management sim and see where your business skills can get you. Let's help you out getting started with the Busy Business codes that you can redeem in the game for a few useful things.

Busy Business Codes

BUSYBOOSTTap to copy

– Get an Instant Prep Boost so you can instantly prepare your items!

TIMBERGUYTap to copy
– Get the Worker Skin which you can use on your workers
FREEGEMSTap to copy
– Get 30 Gems, you may need to follow their Twitter account to redeem this code.

The Instant Prep boost is a nice time save, and the gems do come in handy to put towards anything premium in the game that you may like.

How to Redeem

Start Busy Business on Roblox, click the settings icon in the bottom of the screen then click Redeem Codes.

Now just copy and paste the code you want to try and click the redeem button.

We've put together this video of the process of redeeming codes and it also gives you a taste of the gameplay too.

Why did my code not work?

Sometimes codes don't work because they have expired. Most codes have a limited time period to be active. We do our best to remove inactive codes on this page, but if we have missed any, please let us know in the comments below.

Also, check that you have input the code correctly and you have the correct upper case and lower case letters if applicable.

How to get more XP?

You can get 50% more XP if you follow @TBloxStudios on Twitter. To activate this follow the Twitter account then copy your Twitter name, go to the settings page in the game, click free rewards then paste your twitter name and click verify.

Can I automate this game?

Yes! You'll need to hire workers. You can still fulfill orders yourself, but the workers help speed things up and enable you to take care or more customer orders quickly.

Getting More Codes

You can follow @TBloxStudios on Twitter for the latest updates about this game.

There is also a Discord Group for the game.

Any new codes that are released for Busy Business will be published here as soon as we find out about them.

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