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Bear Codes

Bear is a Roblox game where you can play as either the Survivor or Bear. As the Survivor you start off with 100 health, and you must avoid touching Bear too many times as you solve puzzles for 4 minutes. Playing as Bear your goal is to kill survivors by touching them, preventing them from completing puzzles which must be done before the time limit hits 0. You can redeem Bear codes when they are published to get cosmetic skins.

Bear Codes

As of October 2022, all codes are currently expired. If we find any we'll add them here.

Expired Codes


How to Enter Bear Codes

Before you can enter Bear codes your Roblox account must be at least a week old otherwise you will be booted off the server. If you meet this requirement you can redeem your code provided you are not in an ongoing match. To do this just launch a server that will not place you into a match and hit 'Shop' on the left side of the screen. Then simply select the 'Code Redeem' tab and input your code into the text box and hit 'Redeem'. A confirmation message will appear on screen if the code worked.

How to get More Bear Codes

You can always check back to this page to get more codes as we will add them as soon as they are published. You can go to Cheedaman, the developers of the game and join their Discord page or Roblox Group. You can also try Twitter. Make sure you input your codes as soon as possible as there is often no indication to when they expire.

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