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Tips and Tricks

1.) When your character levels up, slow the game down and then choose what stat you want to add points to. Your character stops receiving experience until you choose one.

2.) Regarding level ups, choose one and stick with it. If you have started upping the physical damage, stick with it and stick with that weapon type. Otherwise, you are wasting precious stat points. It is unwise to boost the hitpoints of a class with high evasion rate, just keep on boosting their evasion rate and then add some hitpoints every once in a while.

3.) The charm and luck stats are useless, for one, you will get a better item anyway. I also noticed that the evasion rate does not take account your stat on either. Charm is useful only in one event (The Gnome) and you'd get a good weapon / item anyway from him. Weapon is not the be-all end-all in this game, it is the level and the stats.

4.) Once you receive a level scroll, slow down the game before a special event pops up because you will lose the scroll if you are not able to use it. Once the end of the battle is near, slow down the game, equip, use any item, before a special event pops up.

5.) When choosing between a group heal or potions, choose the latter. When choosing between The Gnome or the potions, choose the former. When choosing between losing a party member or losing your items, choose the former (hence tip #4). When choosing between leveling everyone, or the lowest leveled character for two more levels? Choose the former.


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