Stats Breakdown
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Stats Breakdown

It is impossible to see the "Stats" of your party outside of battles, because, uhm, how should I say this, uhm, well, there is nothing outside of battles! If you have read the review, I already made it clear. QuestRun is all about fighting and not much else. In order for you to bring out the stat sheet of your party members, you have to pause the game and all of their stats should be revealed.

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However, there is no rundown or actual information other than icons for each stat. So here is the guide for you so that you will never be confused again.

Attack (icon being a sword): This signifies damage output.
Magic Attack (icon being a wand with a star, but it looks more of a morning star melee weapon): Signifies magical damage output.
Speed (icon being a boot): Speed is the basis on how quickly you can charge your skill bars.
Health (icon being a heart): Health Points
Luck (icon being a die): Basis for the quality of loot drops.
Defense (icon being a shield): Physical damage defense rating.
Magic Defense (icon being a shield inside a circle): Magical damage defense rating.
Dodge (icon being two men's silhouette): Rating for the chance to avoid both physical and magical damage.
Special (icon being "S"): The level of the special skill.
Charisma (icon being a conversation bubble): Special event RNG for good items (from The Gnome).


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