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There are six starting classes in QuestRun, and you can unlock three more buy purchasing them with either gold coins or blue crystals in the in-game shop. A class is unlocked after you complete the sidequests assigned for each class.

Warrior / Tank
Dishes high physical damage and has lots of hitpoints. The Warrior also boasts good physical defense. However, his dodging skills are non-existent. The Tank has higher HP pool but lower defenses across the board, and much, much slower. It will depend largely on your party composition whether you will pick the Warrior or the Tank. They may be lumped in the same “profile” but they are wildly different. For starters, the Warrior is a damage dealer. The Tank makes use of their alternative stance (absorbs all the damage received by all the party members regardless of damage type) much better and nothing else.

Paladin / Inquisitor
Paladin is a tanky fighter with a weaker attack stats than the Warrior. What sets her apart from the rest of the physical “fighter” type of classes is her ability to heal. The heal is not amazing at the start, but when you focus at least three points on it, she will be the only healer you will ever need because she deals a fair amount of physical damage.

The Inquisitor is one of the stronger classes because it starts with a level 18 special. Dispel is her default special (negates Magical damage output for several seconds from a single target). She is also one of the two classes with two specials. Her Ultra special Heal (the Paladin's default), however, Ultra specials take longer time to charge compared to the default. This means, it is never wise to use the Inquisitor as your main healer.

Priest / Dark Priest
Does not deal damage a lot and is better suited as a healer. You can choose between physical and magical weapons to equip in this class (starting stat on both Physical and Magical damage is 2). However, the Priest is better suited with a magical weapon because you will need a Warrior on your team anyway.

The Dark Priest has Poison as the default special, and a Hellfire (similar to Sorcerer / Berserker special) Ultra. She is not impressive stat-wise but she deals so much damage at lower levels it is not even funny.

Sorcerer / Berserker
Pure damage is what they do best. It does not really matter if you equip them with either physical or magical weapon because they are used mostly for their specials that deal damage to all of the enemies. The Berserker is more inclined with dealing damage in a much faster pace because of its default level 8 Speed. His HP pool is horrendous though.

Mage / Warlock
Magical damage is his forte, and has a unique special that stops all attacks ALL of the enemies for five seconds. This is very crucial especially in late games when you are trying to dish out more damage than you can receive. The Warlock has no difference with the Mage other than different base stats.


Bard / Charmer
As much as possible, do not pick this class when you are on a Dungeon quest because they do not scale very well. They dish out minimal damage, and their special is not really that special. They have high evasion but when they get hit, they are down instantly.

The ninja class, initially equipped with a gun and is a good pickup when you have both the Sage and the Alchemist pets because you’d get a lot of experience or potions depending on your needs. Must have in the party if you are in some long winded dungeon quest.

This class has no “special”, but he does level up essentially TWICE. And that is his special (leveling up), if you are able to get him, use him for good. He can just roll over everyone once he stacks all the stats as you want. He is good when built as a damage dealer with high evasion.

A unique class that has high starting stats but he loses life every turn! And his special damages everyone including your comrades, so be very careful when choosing this class.


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