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Prison Empire Tycoon is an idle sim tycoon from Codigames. You control the prison and take care of the needs of it's inmates while raking in the cash. There are loads of things to upgrade and this tips guide will give our recommendations on what to upgrade first, the best ways to get free cash and gems and how to be the richest, if not the best, prison warden you can be!

How to Download and Play Prison Empire Tycoon

Prison Empire Tycoon is widely available on both the App Store and Google's Play store, the direct links to these apps are found in the links above.

There are a lot of alternatives to the Play Store if you prefer not to use Google's offering, but make sure you download from a legit source and not a random site, as you may not know exactly what you are getting.

Download and Play Prison Empire Tycoon

As well as playing on your mobile devices, playing Prison Empire Tycoon is also popular on PC using emulators such as BlueStacks and NoxPlayer

Prison Empire Tycoon Cheats and Tips

There are no tap in cheats for Prison Empire Tycoon, and please take precautions if you see a download which claims to offer a hack for anything unlimited these should be avoided as they are damaging to the game publisher, and you don't really know what you will get.

We can however, offer some great Prison Empire Tycoon Tips, and you'll find everything that we know right here on this page.

Prison Empire Tycoon Getting Started

Early in the game you'll need to upgrade everything as soon as you can, and the best way to do that is with cash! So be prepared to watch a few videos in order to get some free cash for a quick headstart in Prison Empire Tycoon.

Get quick cash with video ad offers

Look out for the money double offer and the prison loan offer where you watch a video for extra cash or doubled earnings.

Prisoner Happiness

Now you have a route to easy money, the next thing you need to be very aware of is prisoner happiness.

As well as focusing on raking in the bucks, you do need to be aware of your prison happiness, as the last thing you want to happen in your prison is a riot and you to lose your officers.

Upgrade the Yard to increase prisoner happiness

Check out the icons that are attached to your prisoners to see their current level of happiness, if they are orange or their bars are low, consider upgrading the facilities in their cell.

However every upgrade takes more energy and water, so there will come a point that you cannot upgrade any more until you have upgraded the electricity and water supplies.

Overall Stress Level

If you tap the prisoner icon at the bottom right of the screen you'll get an idea of the overall stress level of prisoners currently. There are a number of bars to consider and if you are low on anything in particular, then you should upgrade something that affects the low bar to try to bring it up.

Prison Stress Levels

For example, if the health (red cross) is low, consider adding some facilities in the yard. If the water icon is low, consider upgrading the bathroom facilities.

If your prisoners are too stressed, they may start a riot.

Running a Profitable Prison

Although you want to become as rich as you possibly can be running your prison, you do also have to keep an eye on your expenses. You can get an idea of your profitability, which is your income minus expenses by looking at the graph at the top left of the gameplay area this will show you how much you are making or losing per game time hour ... which is literally every 30 seconds.

Revenue and Expense Statistics

You can keep your expenses in check by not employing too many people. Sure you need employees to make sure everything is running smoothly, but only hire enough so that your prison can function properly. Don't overhire, especially at the start, because if you do you won't be able to pay the wages, staff will leave and who knows what will happen next - a riot... Maybe!

Tap the Statistic icon (the bar chart at the top right of the screen) to get a more detailed view of how much you are earning and spending.

Facilities and Buildings

If you take a look around the prison you'll notice a few buildings that can be constructed, some are more expensive than others and each will offer a specific bonus to the prison. If you can't afford them right away, try upgrading other things to increases your hourly income levels.

Upgrade Facilities

Don't forget to upgrade the Admissions facilities in order to process more prisoners into your prison more quickly.

Look out for queues developing, such as outside the bathroom facilities, that's an indication you probably need to upgrade the facilities inside that building.

Upgrade Cells

As well as adding more cells and cell blocks, it's really important that you upgrade the facilities in the cells, this will have a big impact of the happiness of prisoners, as well as taking steps towards completing a number of missions.

Upgrade Cells


Tap the checkbox icon on the main screen to see your current list of missions. This will give you a good idea of what route you should be taking in the game, and where you should be focusing your upgrades.

Completing missions is another great way to get free gems and cash as well as making your prison a better place to be.

Electricity and Water

Every building and upgrade in the prison will require a certain amount of electricity and water in order for them to function. These upgrades are quite expensive. But remember you can also add more batteries and water tanks which are usually cheaper to do.

Upgrade Electricity and Water

Like with staff, don't over-upgrade in the beginning, you are better off figuring out where is the best place to spend your money in the early stages in the game, don't just max out staff or water and electricity production.

Unlocking More Prisons

As is normal with idle sim type games, there will come a point that you have achieved the objectives of the current level, in this game it is a specific number of reformed prisoners. You then have an option to start over in a new prison with faster earning multiples.

Unlock More Prisons

How to Unlock Prison in Development

Prison in development is not possible to be unlocked until the developers have created it! Codigames will update the game if more prisoners become available.

If you need more help in the game, drop us a question here on our Prison Empire Tycoon Answers Page.

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