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Possessions Game


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Possessions is a pretty fun game where you have to rotate your room in order that objects that that appear to be floating, then find their correct spot in the room.

You use your fingers in the screen to rotate the room so that the floating object goes where it is meant to be. When you are close to having the room in the correct position, one hexagon will light up, then two and then when you have it exact, all three will signal you have completed the task.

Some levles require you to rotate the room multiple times to make a number of objects appear in the correct place.

Possessions Tips

Possessions Tips

The game is not incredibly complicated, and it is a great diversion to spend some time listening to the relaxing soundtrack and fixing the rooms.

The main tip is the move slowly, small adjustments are needed, look out for the first hexagon appearing, that is a signal that you nearly have it correct.

Sometimes you can't even recognise which object is incorrectly placed, in that case just move the room around until you see the object that is obviously the one that needs to be moved.

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