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Extra Pack - Level 6
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Extra Pack - Level 6

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This is the walkthrough for Level 6 of the extra pack in Polyescape. This pack is available to purchase in the game.
This page will guide you through the actions needed to escape this level.

This level is set in an area of windmills and mushrooms.
Extra Pack - Level 6

Look to the left to see a large mushroom with a door way.
Extra Pack - Level 6

Tap to go in.
Extra Pack - Level 6

View the boxes on the left and open them to collect a blue mushroom piece.
Extra Pack - Level 6

Exit the room and look to the right to see a stand with a mushroom shape hole. View this and use the mushroom piece in it.
Extra Pack - Level 6

Steps will appear. Tap to go up to the higher area.
Extra Pack - Level 6

Ahead is a bridge, go across this and tap to view the 3 pillars on the far side.
Extra Pack - Level 6

Each has a series of discs that can be rotated. set each to make the lines on the columns match up.
Solution: Extra Pack - Level 6

Collect the toy plane from below.

Move back across the bridge. While in the center of the bridge look to the right and notice the pattern of the barriers.
Extra Pack - Level 6

Go back to your starting position and look to the left to see a small tower model. To the left tap and collect the long shovel handle.
Extra Pack - Level 6

At the top of the tower are patterns. You can rotate the tower to see the others. Below each are white dots on
the the tower faces.

Go back into the mushroom building and tap to view the brown box which has a plane drawn on top. There are 4 shapes that can be set.
Extra Pack - Level 6

View the toy plane in your inventory to see that it has coloured dots on the wing.
Extra Pack - Level 6

Use the clues to set the right shapes.
Hint: around the area are mushrooms of different colours (including the blue mushroom piece). Each has different shapes on it.Show
Solution: Use the colour order from the toy plane and the shapes on the mushrooms to set the code.Show
Code: Triangle, circle, hexagon, square.Show

Collect the shovel blade

Combine the shovel blade and the handle to make the shovel.

To the left of the mushroom find the rough ground with the arrow.
Extra Pack - Level 6

Use the shovel and then collect the windmill model

In your inventory dismantle the toy plane to receive the 'Vane'.

Then combine this with the windmill model to complete it.
Extra Pack - Level 6

Go back up to the high area and look to the right to see a door in a windmill. The door has a panel of 9 white dots.
Extra Pack - Level 6

Use clues found above to open the door.
Hint: Tap the white dots in the order revealed by the patterns on the tower.
Solution: Extra Pack - Level 6

Enter the room, there is a space for a missing windmill model. Place yours there.
Extra Pack - Level 6

All of the windmills will be rotating. You can press the yellow buttons to change the direction or rotation.

Set all the windmills to rotate so that their vanes are moving with the blades as the leading edge, the longer bars holding them must be behind the blade.
Solution: from left to right. Ant Clockwise, clockwise, clockwise, anti clockwise, anti clockwise.Show

When this is correct press the red button. Another door will open.

Before leaving not that the mural on the wall shows the 3 pillars from over the bridge. A section of each pillar is coloured grey.

Exit this room and rotate the view to see the open door on the other side. Go through into the next room.
Extra Pack - Level 6

On the right wall is a 3 digit code entry. Find the code from clues above.
Hint. The mural showed areas of the 3 pillars at the far end.Show
Solution: The grey areas on the 3 pillars reveal numbers in the white lines,Show
Code: 596Show

The door opens and you can exit this level.

You can now move on to extra pack - Level 7. If you have any questions for this level of the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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