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Extra Pack - Level 4
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Extra Pack - Level 4

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This is the walkthrough for Level 4 of the extra pack in Polyescape. This pack is available to purchase in the game.
This page will guide you through the actions needed to escape this level

In Level 4 you are in a circular courtyard with doors that have symbols above them.
Extra Pack - Level 4

Rotate the view to see a poster with some symbols to help you. note the colours on the left.
Extra Pack - Level 4

Look to the left of the green obelisk to see this block. Collect the red crystal from the top.
Extra Pack - Level 4

View the door with the fire symbol above (red = Fire) and place the crystal in the block to the left of it.
Extra Pack - Level 4

This will open the door.

Enter this room and look to the right to see a vase on the floor.
Extra Pack - Level 4

View the vase and collect a green crystal from inside.

Exit this room and take back the red crystal from the block. The door will close.

Look to the right to see 2 more doors.
Extra Pack - Level 4

Place the 2 crystals (red and green) in the block with the 2 holes.

This will open the door on the right (electricity)

Go inside and look to the left to collect a scroll from the shelves.
Extra Pack - Level 4

You now need to exit this room and return to the Fire room. Retrieve the 2 crystals and use the red one to open the previous door again.

Inside the room look at the mural on the wall to the right. Then check the scroll that you have in your inventory. Dismantle it to open it.
Extra Pack - Level 4

In the room view the puzzle on the far wall. Use the clues above to tap and set the lower blocks to the right numbers.
Extra Pack - Level 4

Hint: The shapes above match positions on the mural which in turn match numbers on the scroll.Show
Code: 708Show

Collect a Magic Sword

In your inventory combine the sword with the green crystal.

Then use the sword on the slot next to the block on the left wall of the room.
Extra Pack - Level 4

You can now collect an orange crystal.

Also collect the sword again.

Exit this room and collect the red crystal.

Opposite the fire room tap on the block ahead that has the mountain picture.
Extra Pack - Level 4

In your inventory dismantle the sword to remove the green crystal and combine the sword with the orange crystal.

Use the sword on the mountain block.
Extra Pack - Level 4

Collect a blue crystal. Also collect the sword again.

Return to the Electricity room. Using the red and green crystals on the block.

Look to the right to see another sword block with a water symbol.
Extra Pack - Level 4

Dismantle the sword and combine it with the blue crystal. Then use it on this block. You will find a button.

Tap this to open a wall at the far end of the room. (collect the sword again)

On the opposite wall you will see another mural. Then in the new area at the far end there are 3 pictures. Below each are 3 sets of symbols.
Extra Pack - Level 4

The center wall symbols need to be set.

Hint. The symbols below represent numbers on the mural on the wall. Each number also matches the number of each of the 3 items in the picture.Show
Solution: Count the items in the center picture, use the same order as the other pictures (Bows, Hooks, Daggers. Get the symbols for those numbers from the mural on the wall.Show
Code: 419
Extra Pack - Level 4

Collect the Emblem of darkness

Exit this room and collect the red and green crystals. Replace them with the blue and orange crystals in the block to open the door to the left.
Extra Pack - Level 4

In this room there are 4 control switches places around the room with symbols above each.
Extra Pack - Level 4

To solve this, exit the room and move to the green obelisk.
Extra Pack - Level 4

Tap the button to change the symbol at the top and show a corresponding line position below. Return to the previous room and use this information to set the 4 control switches.

When they are all correct the double doors open and you can move to the next section.
Extra Pack - Level 4

On the right is another sword block.

Combine the sword with the red crystal. and use it in the block .
Extra Pack - Level 4

Collect the Emblem of light

Next to the door at the end of the area are the 2 symbols. Tap then and place the 2 Emblems that you have.
Extra Pack - Level 4

The door opens and you can complete this level.

You can now move on to extra pack - Level 5. If you have any questions for this level of the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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